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The Link Between Weight Loss and Knee Pain

Knee pain is one of the foremost common complications of being overweight or obese. So, here we are going to discuss, how weight loss and knee pain are interrelated. If you’re among the many people that experience chronic knee pain, even a little weight loss can help reduce pain and lower the danger of osteoarthritis (OA).

Those extra pounds increase the strain on your knees. That stress can cause chronic pain and cause other complications like OA.

Now, The Question is What is the Link between weight loss and knee pain?

Or How weight loss affects knee pain?

Maintaining a healthy weight has many health benefits, including reduced risk of a variety of diseases that include:

heart disease
type 2 diabetes
high blood pressure
certain types of cancers

Losing Weight Benefits Knee Pain in Two Ways.

1.  Decreases weight-bearing pressure on the knees

Each pound of weight loss can reduce the load on the knee by 4 pounds. Try to lose 10 pounds, and that will be equal to 40 fewer pounds per step. And, therefore, the results add up quickly. It is but obvious that less pressure means less wear and tear on the knees. This lowers the danger of OA.

2. Reduces inflammation within the body

For years, OA has always been considered as wear and tear disease. This is caused by prolonged excessive pressure on the joints, particularly the knees, which, in turn, caused inflammation.

But recent research suggests that inflammation may be a key OA risk factor, instead of a consequence of OA.

Being overweight may increase inflammation within the body which will cause joint pain. Losing weight can reduce this inflammatory response.

One study suggests that just a ten percent reduction in weight can significantly lower inflammation within the body.

Another study found that even simply overeating triggers the body’s immune reaction, which increases inflammation.


According to John Hopkins Medicine, women who are overweight are fourfold more likely to develop OA than women who are in a healthy weight. And also men who are overweight are five times more likely to develop OA than men who are in a healthy weight.

But losing even a little amount of weight is often beneficial. For women who are overweight, every 11 pounds of weight loss can reduce the danger of knee OA by quite 50 percent.

Men who drop into the overweight category mean with the BMI below 30 and men who drop into the traditional weight category mean with the BMI below 26 can reduce their risk of knee OA by 21.5 percent.

Easy Ways To  Lose Weight

There are steps you’ll fancy start shedding pounds, including:

1. Reduce portion sizes
2. Add one vegetable to your plate
3. Go for a walk after a meal
4. Take the stairs rather than the escalator or elevator
5. Pack your own lunch instead of eating out
6. Use a pedometer

Taking the required steps to manage your weight can help protect your knees from joint pain and reduce your risk of OA.

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