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Top 5 Myths About Gray Hair

Everyone remembers the primary time they spotted a silver hair (and if you haven’t yet, let me tell you it is a doozy). the primary stage is denial, then comes confusion, then comes the creeping fear that this measly little gray hair goes to start out a trend. Whether you opt to go to the salon asap or embrace the salty strands as they are availablethere is a lot of misinformation about what causes you to travel gray. inspect these big, little lies about silver hair and let Chaz Dean, CEO and founding father of WEN By Chaz Dean, explain the important reasons you lose color.

Myth #1: Gray Hair is naturally coarse

While gray hair feels coarse and rough, the structure of the strand hasn’t actually changed. When those melanin-producing cells run out of steam, the hair follicles also produce less sebum (the natural oils that hydrate hair). As a result, gray hair tends to be drier, which gives it that wiry texture.

Myth #2: You Can Go Gray Overnight

Talk about awakening on the incorrect side of the bed. Luckily, this is not the case—it’s impossible for a drastic change to happen as you snooze. Grey hair is caused by strands slowly losing their pigment. Also, if your parents went gray early, there is a chance you’ll also.

Myth #3: Plucking Gray Hair Make more grow back

One of the oldest old wives’ tales out there, there’s no truth to the present in the least. Still, plucking them may be a bad idea. It can weaken the follicle, and therefore the hair won’t grow back there, warns Brown. Plus, you’ll cause a fatal accident within the process. “When you’re trying to pluck that gray hair, tons of times you don’t get the precise hair,” she explains. “And if you pluck out hair that isn’t gray, doing so weakens the follicle and will cause it to grow back gray anyway.” Remember how hair graying starts as a fresh strand of hair? This basically creates the right condition for that to happen.

Myth #4: Coloring hair results in a quicker loss of pigment

It hasn’t been proven that coloring strands effects graying. But it’s true that constant color processing can cause hair to become brittle, dry. Try employing a nourishing treatment that restores shine and moisture to damaged locks. Also, don’t over shampoo hair since it can strip hair of color and cause fading.

Myth #5: Stress Equals Silver Strands

Stress contributes to but doesn’t cause gray hair. Stress can certainly cause temporary hair loss, but it won’t strip your hair of its pigment. Stress may speed up the method, but you won’t suddenly grow grays after a stressful work meeting or tense family holiday. Although, other health stressors, like smoking or a poor diet, can potentially speed up the graying process.

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