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Too Young? Too Old? What is the Age for Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant is one of those effective processes which offers relief to hair loss patients. It is one of the best hair restoration technique, to overcome baldness. Alopecia is a problem affecting every other person these days. Starting at teenage, and with no control over it, people start balding at a young age. That is when people start looking for a solution to baldness. With increasing demand and awareness, patients with hair loss find it a blessing but not sure, if they fit in the right criteria. Are we too young, or too old for a hair transplant? Don’t worry, we are here to help you with the hair transplant queries.

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How does hair transplant work?

A surgical hair loss treatment, where the surgeon extracts the patient’s hair from one region and implants the hair on the bald region. In most cases, the hair specialist extracts hair from the head – side or the back. This region is known as the donor area. The hair density and thickness of the donor area must be good. There are different processes for hair extraction, they are – FUE and FUT. 

Follicular Unit Extraction – In FUE Hair Transplant, the surgeon extracts individual hair follicular units with 1 to 4 hair follicles. Whereas in Follicular Unit Transplant – FUT Hair Transplant, the surgeon extracts a thin long strip of the scalp, which has multiple hair follicles. In either case, the donor area must have a good amount of hair for extraction.  

Criteria for Hair Transplant

It is important to understand, apart from age, there are set of other criteria which need to be satisfied for a person to undergo hair transplant surgery. Most importantly, only a hair specialist could give you the correct answer, however, we will offer you the general guidance and the basic criteria. Not everyone is a suitable candidate for hair transplant. And here is the basic consideration for the hair transplant process:

  1. Hair at the donor region.
  2. Hair thickness and density.
  3. Age Criteria.
  4. Hair loss condition.
  5. General health condition.

Based on the above points, doctors can determine if the person is suitable for hair transplant or not? A good candidate for a successful hair transplant? Sometimes, regardless of these above 5 points, if you are in good health, have strong hair density then you could get the best result from hair transplant regardless of your age. Although, most of the hair transplant clinics in Mumbai prefer patients of the age group 25-45years.  

Why age criteria for hair transplant?

This is because certain factors contribute to the success of hair transplant surgery.  In young patients, who are suffering from hair loss and balding, there are chances that the donor area is also affected by DHT. Hence, the hair transplant surgery might be successful, however, the patient might keep losing hair in years to come. Hair transplant for hormonal imbalance at a younger age will be unsuccessful. 

And in case of an elderly patient, the hair transplant success ratio is very less. The implanted hair stability is less, and in most cases, the donor region has thin and less density. 

Alternate option?

If you are in the age group of 25-45, have good hair density at donor region, no health problems, then you are the right candidate for hair transplant. However, if you lack hair thickness and density in the donor region, then you can opt for synthetic hair transplant. The artificial hair transplant is the answer for patients who do not meet the hair transplant criteria. In this, the surgeon implants artificial hair grafts – the bio fibres in the bald region. These bio fibres stay for 8-10 years before replacing of refilling. To know more, visit – best synthetic hair transplant in Mumbai.

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Are you the right candidate for Hair Transplant?

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