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Wanting and longing for Lengthy and Long Hair?

How to grow long hair?

Many have the inner thoughts looking at beautiful lengthy and long hairs, “maybe she is born with it”, “maybe that a smart haircare routine”, “wish I can have long hairs like hers”.

For some women, lengthy and long hair just comes normally. But for the rest of us, just wishing for long hair doesn’t get you one. This article is all about helping you get long hair. It is not easy, but making small adjustments in your day-to-day beauty routine like using a different hairbrush, adjusting the frequency of hairdryer, using hair mix with the addition of vitamin, all these tips can certainly help. There are several easy steps can help in achieving long, lustrous hair in a natural way. Check out these tips for long and lengthy hair:

  1. Frequent Trimming of hair

    If you want long and healthy hair, regular trim is a good option. Regular trimming of hair helps in getting rid of split ends. Split ends stop hair growth and break hair halfway. Eliminating split ends by trimming helps in fast hair growth. Check tips to get rid of split ends.

  2. Use Natural Hair Oils and No Coloring

    Hair coloring and bleaching damages hair and leads to hair breakage and split ends. For lengthy and long hairs, it is necessary to avoid coloring, chemical treatments and split ends. Healthy hair will grow faster. Applying natural hair oils nourishes the scalp and helps in faster hair growth. Oil moisturization on scalp and hair tips helps in hair growth from the root and reduces hair breakage from tips. Go for complete oiling from tip to end weekly 3 times and keep it overnight for better results. You can use coconut oil, castor oil, almond and olive oil.

  3. Eating the Right Food.

    Long hair needs nurturing from outside as well as nourishment from within. The protein diet helps in faster hair growth. Food that is rich in protein like fish, beans, nuts, whole grains is good for hair. Along with protein, hair needs vitamins A, C and E. Minerals like zinc, iron and omega 3 fatty acids help in hair nurturing.

  4. Avoiding Hair Damage.

    Heat is bad for hair. Damaging your hair with blow-dry, using heat for hair straightening, these not only damage your hair but breaks them. Avoid blow-drying, straightening, and daily shampooing. Go for hair wash weekly 2-3 times, not more. Using natural shampoos will help.

  5. Add Vitamin to Your Hair Routine.

    Regular hair masks will nurture your hair. Maintain healthy scalp and get rid of dandruff and oily, dry scalp. Here are the 11 hair mask for hair loss.  Adding vitamin E to your hair masks will help in faster hair growth. You can have vitamin oral or along with a hair mask. Consult with your doctor for vitamin consumption.

The above tips will help in hair growth over a time period of 9-15 months. Long hair transplantation is another option when you are looking for lengthy hair in a short time period. This is more advantageous for those who are planning for lengthy and long hair for a special occasion like marriage and want long hair within short notice, or those who want to get the feel on how their hair would look after 1yr. This kind of hair transplantation is a very unique and most difficult task to accomplish, as it demands a lot of precision, skill, concentration, and dedication. Nubello Aesthetic is one such hair clinic providing long hair transplant in Mumbai with 8+ years of successful hair transplantation.

Long hair transplant

A long hair transplant is a process by which the final result of hair transplantation is seen straight after the surgery. The hair, unlike the normal transplant, is not clipped off during the surgery. The hair length is maintained throughout the surgery. The main advantage of a long hair transplant is the immediate confirmation of the natural look of the transplant for the patient. Post-surgery, the patient gets a completely unnoticed look when compared to other standard hair transplant procedures like FUT hair transplant.


Healthy hair growth takes time, the above tips will help maintain long hair and also to help in developing long hair over a time period of 5-6 months. In case you are looking for a quick look for lengthy hair, you can visit Nubello Aesthetic and get a free consultation today on a long hair transplant.

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