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Tattooing Head Baldness with Scalp Micropigmentation

Suffering from hair loss and baldness? You are not alone. In fact, studies show that 42% of men between the age of 18-49 have moderate to extensive hair loss. It is true that hair loss increases with age, for some it can come earlier in life particularly for those who suffer from male pattern baldness. There are many methods of treating hair loss problems. From medications such as Minoxidil to FUE and FUT hair transplants. Scalp micro pigmentation also known as the hair tattoo. This is one of the fastest-growing solutions to balding. Also called as tattooing head baldness. This article is all about the process and advantages.

What causes hair fall in men?

Before we start learning about scalp micro pigmentation, let us understand what factors result in men going bald?

  • Genetics – Hair follicles have DNA blueprint. If father, forefather had suffered hair loss, the same might happen to son.
  • Hormones – In case hair follicles are sensitive to this hormone – Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), then their hair might start thinning, and finner and slow hair growth stop.
  • Age – With age, hair growth stops.
  • Other factors – Smoking, excessive alcohol, medications, and poor diet, may contribute to hair loss.

Tattooing Head Baldness or Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure

Scalp micro pigmentation is a hair transplant process. Tattoo pigment – planting the hair follicles into the scalp. This creates the appearance of tiny hair follicles on the bald head. This restores the look of a fuller head of hair. The procedure replicates your natural hair follicles while strengthening and adding density to thinning areas.

The scalp micro pigmentation process:

1. Consultation with the doctor:

Before your treatment starts, meet the practitioner/consultant and discuss the shape of your hairline, its positioning, as well as the density and shade of your micro-pigmentation.

2.The tiny wounds:

In the tattooing head baldness process – tiny wounds are created in the skin for each dot. Layer pigment dots like a tattoo are created microneedles. The immune system attacks the pigments, causing the wounds to shrink. The dots fade away, this fading varies from person to person.

3. Pigment shades:

The treatment includes the application of different shades of pigmentation. Pigments stand out with additional pigments. Lighter pigments are usually applied during the first session, while subsequent sessions introduce the applications of darker shades.

Duration of the process:

The amount of time needed for the scalp micro pigmentation treatment varies. The first session lasts from 3-5 hours. In later sessions, for pigment shades, the time is usually less and takes 2-3 hours. The whole treatment takes 3-4 sessions depending on customer preference on tattooing head baldness.


The tattooing head baldness with scalp micropigmentation is one among the newest treatments for hair loss. Due to the increase in popularity, gradually the treatment is introduced to the general public. Tattooing head baldness approach is unique when compared to other types of hair loss treatments. This requires precision and accuracy. Nubello Aesthetics is one of the top hair clinics in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai providing one of the finest scalp micropigmentation treatment in Mumbai.

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