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Solution to Baldness in 1 Week. Tricks and Treatments.

Getting married? Looking for a quick solution to your bald spots? Try synthetic hair transplant. Hair fall and getting bald spots at a young age has become normal these days. Especially, with youngsters facing vitamin deficiency, genetics and health issues like obesity and thyroid, alopecia is becoming common. The latest movie like Bala and Ujda Chaman are trying the change the mentality of society towards baldness, however, the truth remains still. Fat shaming and laugh over baldness is part of society, you can fight it, accept it or change it. It depends on you. If you are facing bald spots and looking for a quick solution to cover it, we advise you to check on artificial hair transplant – A long term, attractive and quick fix to balding. Along with details on synthetic hair transplant, we offer you other 3 tips and tricks to disguise bald spots.

Normally, when a person starts losing hair, they go for home remedies to control hair fall. However, when they fail with home remedies, they visit a good hair doctor for hair loss treatments like – derma roller, PRP hair treatment and natural hair transplant. How ever, these treatments take time like 6months to 1 year. Sometimes, a bit long, depending on the hair loss condition of the person. Natural hair transplant is the ultimate solution to balding, however, it takes time for natural hairs to grow after the hair transplant surgery. It takes 4months-6months. So, what if you want a quick result in a month. How do you handle your baldness? The solution is a Synthetic Hair Transplant. And Nubello Aesthetics, is one such hair clinic in Mumbai, offering you a world-class synthetic hair transplant.

What is synthetic hair transplant?

Synthetic hair transplant surgery is an advanced hair transplant system. In this, the surgeon implants artificially created bio-fibres also known as synthetic hairs. This is very helpful for those exceptional cases when the patient wants immediate results. This is one of the most advanced hair loss treatments possible with various benefits such as:

  1. Immediate result.
  2. Zero reliance on donor’s hair.
  3. Easy implants and adjustments, and no scars.

Understanding the process and the result will give you a clear picture, how the synthetic hair transplant is a miracle and magic for bald spots. 

Long hair on the bald head in a day?

How do you get hair on your bald spots in a week? Learn the process behind synthetic hair transplant. Before the actual synthetic hair implant, the surgeon performs a compatibility test. For 1 month, the surgeon implants with 50-75 bio fibres. In this 1 month, the doctor looks for allergic reactions, adaptability and stability. No reaction, and if the compatibility is good. Then the surgeon implants the bio fibres on the bald region. 

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Unlike the normal hair transplant where patients hair is implanted, in this, the bio fibres also known as synthetic hairs are planted. These fibres are inserted into the skin for a more natural look. Because of which, it resembles the natural hair. At Nubello, we have bio fibres in various lengths – 15, 30 and 45 cm. These fibres are also available as straight, wavy fibres along with different colours. Get hair on the bald spots in a day with the best synthetic hair transplant in Mumbai at Nubello. To make you understand, why synthetic hair transplant is better than the other options for a quick fix, we give you the 3 tricks.

3 Tricks to Disguise Bald Spots

1. Sprinkles

Sprinkles are microscopic, electrostatically charged fibres. These stick to the hair to create the fullness. Products like Nanogen, TecTrich and Viviscal Hair Thickening Fibres do work. However, only for small patches. You basically sprinkle the products on like salt and the fibres miraculously fill out any gaps. However, sweat, wet hair, rainy season get them washed away and show your baldness. 

2. Sprays

Just like sprinkles, you can use sprays. Sprays fill in the gaps. However, too much fibre spraying looks like an artificial wig and it also looks more like paint. It doesn’t look natural.

3. Hair Systems

Hair systems are commonly known as super wigs. This is a non-surgical hair replacement solution, which gives the user full customization from base material to hair colour, style, density, texture and length. Frequent changing, artificial look, replacement in every 4-6 months. 

How synthetic hair transplant is beneficial?

Synthetic hair transplant is a surgical procedure, where artificial hair grafts are implanted on the scalp. Natural-looking, immediate result, and no side effects. Unlike sprays, sprinklers, no need to worry about the hair implanted in this hair transplant. The bio fibres are natural-looking, you can choose the colour, texture and length. No worrying of regular maintenance or replacement, unlike the wigs. Though synthetic hair transplant looks promising compared to that of other quick solution to baldness, it too has set of drawbacks. 

The compatibility of patients skin and fibres is one of the drawbacks. If the patch test turns successful, the patient can happily opt for synthetic hair transplant. With so many benefits – quick results, no scars, painless and no donor’s hair reliance, the only disadvantage it has is that about 15% bio fibres get lost every year. These lost fibres need to be replaced on a yearly basis. As the fibres are of fixed length, they do not grow back if cut.


Sometimes, for the best day of our life, we want to look best. For the instant result, we advise you to get a synthetic hair transplant. However, there are many options way much cheaper than an artificial hair transplant. But what is important for you? Look or money? In case you are looking for bio fibre/artificial or synthetic hair transplant in Mumbai, call us on 9324507495 for a FREE consultation!

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