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Safest Way to Regrow Hair – 5 Tips to Natural Hair ReGrowth

Receding hairline, widening partition, hair thinning and losing hair more than normal can be distressing. In this situation, you would be looking for ways to stop hair loss and improve hair growth. Hair loss is a natural phenomenon, similarly, hair growth is also a natural process. If there are only hair loss and no hair regrowth, it would lead to balding. In this article, we focus on the conditions, when hair regrowth occurs naturally, tips to regrow hair, and the hair growth treatments. Many regrow their lost hair by natural ways, however, see a nearby hair specialist find out what’s causing your hair loss.

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When does hair regrow? Reasons for hair fall, and the chance of hair regrowth!

It is important to know the reason behind your hair loss, to take the correct measures for hair regrowth. Most of the times a simple change in diet can help in hair growth, however, when something is very serious like a hormonal change needs treatment for hair regrowth. Understanding what causes hair loss, will help you know what could be the cause behind your hair loss. 

1. Stress

Stress is one of the main reasons for hair loss. Stop worrying about hair loss, and talk to your doctor about hair regrowth remedies. Try to relax and sleep on time, eat healthily and see if you find any change? Does your hair fall reduce? De-stress and your hair fall will stop. Keep reading to know the various hair regrowth tips.

2. Underlying Medical Condition 

Some medical diseases can cause hair loss, and you may need to cure them before your hair will regrow. Dandruff, scalp infection, thyroid, hormonal imbalances, and alopecia can contribute to hair loss. In such case cure your ailment first, this will stop hair fall and then focus on hair regrowth.

3. Deficiency

Iron, Calcium, Vitamin and Protein deficiency could be the main reason behind your hair loss. This can be cured easily with a change in diet and by taking supplements. 

4. Certain Medications

There could be chances, you are taking certain medicines which are causing hair fall and stopping hair growth. It is important you talk to your doctor.

5. Male or Female Pattern Hair Loss

If you are suffering from genetic hair loss problems, and have male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness, it is not easy to regrow hair naturally. You might need medical assistance and treatments such as – PRP hair treatment, Minoxidil, and Hair Transplant.

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5 Tips to naturally regrow hair

1. Massage with essential oil

Hair massage has been in the traditional process for hair growth. Scalp massage promotes blood circulation and improves hair growth. Put in a habit of scalp massage with a mix of essential oils along with carrier oils like – coconut, olive, castor, sesame oil, every alternate night. Let the oils soak in and this will help in hair regrowth. 

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2. Hair Mask

Chemical, coloring, heating, pollution and scalp dirt can be removed only when you use hair mask weekly once. Use natural hair masks on Sunday and try to repair your hair from root to tip. Onion juice works wonderfully on the scalp for hair regrowth. 

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3. Change in diet

Deficiency in nutrients can be overcome with a change in diet. Stay hydrated. Taking a protein-rich diet, adding vitamin B – Biotin supplements, omega 3 oil foods, and iron-rich intake will help in fast hair growth. Hair needs nutrients, check with your dietitian for a healthy menu filled with protein, calcium, iron, omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins. Changing to a healthy and well-balanced diet will help in fast hair growth.

4. Exercise

Sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet leads to hormonal imbalance. Stress and hormonal changes cause hair loss. While you are stressed out, hair wouldn’t stop falling, and hair growth will only be a dream. It is important you incorporate physical activities like running, jogging, yoga, HIIT, walking, breathing exercise in your daily routine. This will keep stress out and maintain healthy life alone with producing good hormones for hair growth. 

5. Take care of your hair

Being harsh on hair with chemical treatments, ironing, coloring and not protecting your hair is bad for hair growth and increase hair fall. Do not damage your hair, take care of it. Do not wash your hair every day, do not comb on wet hair, avoid ammonia and sulfate shampoos, use a good conditioner, do not use the styling, trim your hair regularly, and use silk pillow while sleeping. 


If you are balding, the natural ways of hair regrowth won’t be very much effective. In such cases, it is advisable to take medical help and go for hair treatment such as – Minoxidil, Derma roller, PRP hair treatment, Hair Transplant Techniques or a combination of these. If you are losing hair and looking for hair growth tips, you can try the above 5 ways, however, if you are balding, you need hair treatment for regrowing the lost hair. Visit a nearby hair specialist and find the right cause and right treatment for hair growth. 

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