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Pros and Cons of Synthetic Hair Transplant

With new technologies booming and trending, there is a solution to every problem. Ignoring the signs of hair loss, not paying attention and care to hair fall leads to balding. Luckily the healthcare industry has evolved over time and with an increase in demand to find an answer to hair regrowth on a bald head, hair transplant surgeries have been invented. Hair transplant is a hair restoration technique. Growing hair on the bald region is the main concept of hair transplant. However, not every bald person can get hair transplant surgery. A person must satisfy a few criteria for getting a hair transplant. If you do not fit in the criteria, there is another option, called the synthetic hair transplant. Through this article, we would like to answer all question with regards to the synthetic hair transplant. 

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Understanding Hair Transplant Treatment

Hair transplant is a hair restoration method, where the surgeon implants hair on the bald region. The surgeon extracts hair from other parts of the body, which is normally the head. This region from where the surgeon extract hair is the donor region, usually from the back of the head, or sides of the head. The hair transplant requires a time of 6months to 9 months for the hair to regrow. After a year, new and healthy hair grows on the bald region. The patient who wants to get hair transplant surgery needs to have good density hair in the donor region. If the person has a weak donor region or no donor region, the hair transplant treatment is not possible for him/her. 

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In advance situations, the surgeon might extract hair from the chest, chin or pubic region for implantation. This method is known as body hair transplantation. If the patient is not interested in hair extraction from other body parts, then he or she can opt for a synthetic hair transplant. Natural hair transplant process involves implanting your hair and the synthetic hair transplant process involves implanting bio fibres instead of natural hair. 

The Biofibre/Artificial/Synthetic Hair Transplant

When a patient has weak hair in the donor region and doesn’t want hair from other parts of the body, the only solution left is a synthetic hair transplant. In synthetic hair transplant method, the specialist implants bio fibres or the artificial hair on the bald region.

In this treatment, before the actual hair transplant process, a patch test with 50 bio fibres is implanted. The surgeon implants 50-75 bio fibres and looks for allergies and compatibility in the next 3-4 weeks. In case, the bio fibres show adverse reactions to patients with these 3-4 weeks, then the process is ended. The surgeon extracts the 75 bio fibres and the process is not taken further. However, if the patch test is successful, the surgeon implants complete set of bio fibres in multiple sessions. 

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Pros and Cons of Synthetic Hair Transplant 

The Benefits of Synthetic Hair Transplant

As explained earlier, the natural hair transplant requires a set of pre-requisites. And when someone is looking for an instant result and does not have donor’s hair, synthetic hair transplant can help them with filling hair in the bald region. The synthetic hair transplant is useful for those who want:

  1. An instant result.
  2. Someone who doesn’t have a donor’s hair, weak or less donor hair.
  3. Looking for a fuller head appearance.

Bio fibres come in various colours, length and thickness. The patient can choose the length and colour according to their taste and preference. 

  • This process can be stopped when the patient wants. 
  • And once the patch test is successful, the patient gets fuller hair in a day. This gives an instant result. 
  • The bio fibres don’t grow, so no worry about trimming or cutting. 
  • The process doesn’t leave any scar. 
  • Look the same for the next 8-10 years. On average, the patient loses 2-4% of bio fibres every year while combing or washing hair, however, the bio fibres stay on the head for 7-10 years without any damage. 

The Drawbacks of Synthetic Hair Transplant

  • If the patient doesn’t have a successful patch test, the treatment is not possible. The compatibility with the bio fibres is very important. 
  • Once every 8 years, the patient must refill the lost bio fibres.
  • This is a costly treatment, in the natural hair transplant, each hair graft costs 40-80 Rs, here, the bio fibres cost 90-400 Rs, based on hair length.


Natural hair transplant takes time but gives you natural look. However, if you do not have donor hair, less or weak donor hair then synthetic hair transplant is the ultimate solution for you.

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