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Natural vs Synthetic Hair Transplant

Neglecting hair loss over the years leads to balding. Initial care and treatment could have pushed balding away. However, now that a person has bald spots, and desires to regrow his hair, the only solution available is a hair transplant surgery. Moreover, medications like minoxidil and non-surgical treatments like PRP hair treatment and mesotherapy will not be able to grow hair on the bald spots. This is where one must undergo hair transplant surgery. There are some pre-requisites for hair transplant surgery, and there are multiple hair transplant processes for the patient to choose from. Through this article, we will be differentiating 2 major hair transplant treatments – Natural and Synthetic Hair Transplant Technique.

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What is a Hair Transplant? The pre-requisites!

Hair transplant is a hair restoration technique. The surgeon may use your hair for implantation on the bald region or bio fibres. Natural hair transplant process involves implanting your hair and the synthetic hair transplant process involves implanting bio fibres instead of natural hair. As we go forward, we would clarify the needs and requirement of these two processes. 

Natural Hair Transplant:

In natural hair transplant treatment, hair is extracted from other parts of the body, mostly from your head and this region is known as the donor region. This donor region is back and sides of the head. The surgeon extracts hair follicles(group and hair with roots) from the donor region and implants the hair on the bald region one after another. This whole process can be done in 2 ways: FUE and FUT. In both the processes the patient has to shave his head. 

FUE Hair Transplant: 

Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE hair transplant is a widely practised hair transplant technique. In this individual hair follicles are taken out from the donor region. The surgeon makes small holes on the bald region and places the hair follicles one after another.

FUT Hair Transplant:

FUSS(Follicular unit strip surgery) or Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT hair transplant is one of the old and traditional hairs transplant technique. Wherein, a 6-10 inches strip of hair is removed from the donor region. The surgeon extracts hair follicles from this strip and later implants the hair follicles into the bald region. The surgeon stitches the donor region, this often leaves behind a scar. 

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Pre-requisites of Natural Hair Transplant

  1. Availability of hair in the donor region. If you are completely bald or have thin hair at the back of the head and sides, the surgeon can extract hair from your chest and beard. This is known as body hair transplant.
  2. This is beneficial for covering bald spots, not for widespread hair thinning or balding.
  3. Not applicable for chemotherapy hair loss and HIV patients.

FUE or FUT hair transplant takes 6months to 1 year for hair to regrow completely. Anywhere from 50-80%, implanted hair grows fully within 9 months to 1 year. After surgery, PRP hair treatment helps in hair growth, thus post-surgery, the patient must take a minimum of 4 PRP hair therapy. The natural hair transplant is successful and takes time, however, give your natural hair back on your bald region after 1 year. 

Need for Synthetic Hair Transplant

When a patient has weak donor hair region, doesn’t want hair from other body parts, the only solution left is a synthetic hair transplant. In synthetic hair transplant process, the surgeon implants bio fibres on the bald region. The synthetic hair transplant is useful for anyone who is looking for:

  1. An instant result.
  2. Someone who doesn’t have a donor’s hair, weak or less donor hair.
  3. Looking for a fuller head appearance.

Natural hair transplant takes a minimum 6 months to show the result, however, if someone is looking for an instant result in a day, synthetic hair transplant is the answer for your bald head.

Synthetic Hair Transplant Treatment Process

In this, the surgeon examines the bald region, and before the actual hair transplant process, a patch test is performed. The surgeon implants 50 bio fibres on the bald region and waits for 3-4 weeks. In this time period, the surgeon looks for allergies and compatibility. In case of adverse reactions on patients, the bio fibres are removed and the process can not be continued further. However, if the patch test is successful, the surgeon implants complete set of bio fibres in multiple sessions. Nubello has expert doctors and we have been performing bio fibre hair transplant from last 8 years, and being one of the top hair clinics in Mumbai, we strive to offer the best and successful Synthetic hair transplant in Mumbai.

Difference between Natural and Synthetic Hair Transplant

Natural Hair TransplantSynthetic Hair Transplant
 Dependency on donor hair for thickness. No dependency on donor’s hair. Biofibre can be created based on patient needs from colour, length to thickness.
 For results, it takes 6 months to 1 year. Instant result in a day.
 Chances of scars in case of FUT hair transplant. No scars.
 No maintenance. 2- 8% of bio fibre hair falls every year. The patient needs to go restoring of lost bio fibres after 5-7 years.
 Natural hair growth. Bio fibre hair doesn’t grow, the time period is 8-10 years
 Cost-effective. 40-70 Rs per hair graft. 80-300 Rs per hair graft, depending on the length of the bio fibre hair.


Natural hair transplant takes time but gives you natural look. However, if you do not have donor hair, less or weak donor hair then bio fibre hair transplant is the ultimate solution for you.

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