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How to Stop Receding Hairline? Medical Assistance

As one age, the hairline moves higher, above in the forehead. This receding hairline typically begins at the age of 17 to 29. In most people, once the hair reaches the mature hairline, the hair starts thinning and starts receding. This thinning of hair and receding hairline is a pattern balding. This is a normal phenomenon, however, if the hairline is receding very quickly and you feel that you are losing too much too soon, it is time to take some help. For many, this receding hairline occurs due to genetics and ageing. However, there are hair therapies, hair loss treatments and medical assistance that can slow down the hair loss process, help your hair stay healthy and full. 

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Symptoms and causes of receding hairline

How to identify if your hairline is receding?

One of the most common symptoms is that the receding hairline begins just above the temples, your forehead widens. There is no guide or a unique pattern with receding hairline, however, there are symptoms one must watch. Such as, losing a lot of hair, and forehead widening. These days, it is very common to lose dozens of hairs each day, but does it affect your hair density and volume?

The main reasons for receding hairline:

Before, looking for solution and treatment for receding hairline, know the cause. Here are 5 reasons:

1. Lifestyle

Diet, sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity, all these matters and affect the hair loss. People who smoke may experience hair loss more when compared to those who do not smoke. People who do not eat healthy food, and do not get enough protein, calcium and iron lose more hair. 

2. Health Issues

Thyroid, iron deficiency, lack of nutrients and obesity affect the overall body and hair as well. 

3. Heredity and Genes

If your father, forefather or parents had a hairline issue, there are high chances, you may find yourself in the same path. In most cases, receding hairline comes with heredity and family history of baldness. 

4. Hormonal Changes

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is the hormone which has a link with male pattern baldness. Any kind of hormonal changes triggers an overall change in body from obesity to hair loss. Too much of DHT in the body causes the hair follicles to shrink and thus no hair regrows in them any further. 

5. Stress

Too much stress leads to sudden and excess hair loss. This is known as telogen effluvium. Normally, people experience an unexpected shedding of hair when they are in stress. This is for a short period and luckily the hair loss is reversible. 

Medical Treatment for Receding Hairline

Now that you know the reasons behind hair loss and receding hairline, it is important to prevent further hair loss. Taking the right hair loss treatment at the right time will keep you safe and away from balding. Here are some of the medical assistance and treatments to stop receding hairline. Remember, there is no guarantee and permanent cure for a receding hairline, however, medical treatments and therapy slow down the process and when continued, helps hair regrowth. 

1. Medication

As explained earlier, the DHT hormone causes hair loss. And in men, male hormone testosterone gets converted into DHT, which causes male pattern baldness. Drugs like Finasteride (Propecia) is advised especially for male hair loss. This drug slows down the conversion of testosterone into DHT. Apart from Finasteride, the drug Dutasteride (Avodart) is a pill intended to treat an enlarged prostate. This medicine is often directed to help promote hair growth and hair restoration. Once the patient stops taking the drugs, the effects wear off. On the other hand, apart from taking oral medicines, Minoxidil – an external solution is one of the most prominent medication for hair loss. Minoxidil helps slow the rate of hair loss and often improves hair growth, however, the patient needs to use it for at least 6 months to 1 year to see results. Medications work wonderfully when the receding hairline condition is at the beginning.  

2. PRP Hair Treatment

PRP treatment involves extracting the patient’s blood and putting it into a centrifugal machine which further separates red blood cells from the plasma. The plasma produced contains growth factors. The dermatologists are practising the out-breaking procedure for hair. This therapy is effective in heredity hair loss patterns. One of the most satisfying and dramatically successful methods for controlling hair loss. Practically implemented and offering hair regrowth, PRP for hair loss is deserving. 

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3. Hair Transplants

In a hair transplant surgery, hair follicles which consist of 3-4 hairs are extracted and planted on the bald region. Hair growth post hair transplant surgery takes 4-6months. After a year, all the hair planted on the bald region fully grows. The success ratio at Nubello is way high with FUE hair transplant. We offer the best hair transplant in Mumbai with many variations and personalization in the hair transplant process. 


A receding hairline can be disturbing and upsetting to look at, though it poses no risk to health, you start looking old. For someone the hairline matters and if you want to manage your receding hairline, take help of a good dermatologist. There are many medical assistance and treatments to help you recover your hair and get back your original hairline. Knowing the cause and the right options you have before you to fight the receding hairline is always good. Take the right step before your hairline fades and you start getting bald spots. 

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