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How to lose face fat? 7 tips to reduce facial fat.

What do you notice when you meet someone? It is the face.

With bad eating habits, a sedentary lifestyle and very less physical activity, there is an obesity issue in every 2nd person we meet. Chubby and flabby cheeks, double chins. Face fat makes you look older and heavier than your actual weight. This is the reason, why many want to learn how to lose face fat.

There are many out there who are normal, they aren’t overweight, still have a double chin and chubby cheeks. They have a perfect body, long, silky hair but lack in facial beauty. Now it is easy to lose cheek fats, double chins, and excess face fat and get a beautiful jaw line and an attractive face with cheek surgery and chin liposuction. This is a surgical treatment to get a fine jawline, remove chin fat, reshaping the chin and remove excess double chin fat through implant procedures. Get the perfect chin, jaws lines and attractive personality and shine in your industry be it glamour world and business field. Get a free consultation today with our experts to have a perfect and attractive face.

Apart from surgeries and perfections, if you are looking for basic tips and exercises to reduce your double chin and face fat loss, you are in the right place. This article is all about how to lose face fat. Hope you find it useful.

Tips to Lose Face Fat.

  1. Cut down refined carbs

    Face fat like boy fat is caused by excess fat storage. Refined carbs or processed foods like biscuits, cookies, and pasta are culprits for this fat storage. Processed carbs have very fewer nutrients, more sugar, and calories, less fiber. These foods digest quickly and make you feel hungry soon. Refined carbs are the main reason for belly fat as well as face fat. Cut down and if possible avoid refined carbs.

    Refined carbs harmful for face
    Refined Carbs
  2. Doing facial exercise.

    One way to lose face fat is to start doing facial exercises. We have mentioned in detail, in the later part of this article – 7 facial exercises required to reduce face fat. Facial exercise can improve facial appearance, fights aging symptoms, and strengthen and tighten the facial muscles.

  3. Adding cardio exercise.

    If you are obese, the excess fat of body transfers to the face. Losing weight will slim your body and also face. Cardio, aerobic exercises help in reducing weight and help in burning fat and thus tone up your body and face. Fat burning foods along with cardio is a great way to lose weight. Adding running, biking and swimming are some of the common examples of cardio which increase heart rate and thus fat is burned quickly. Reducing weight can slim down face fat.

  4. Sleep and relax

    Sleep is an important point in any weight loss strategy. Less sleep or excess sleep does effect your face. swollen eyes, flabby cheeks develop on excess sleep. Lack of sleep disturbs your metabolism and digestion, thus increases fat storage and weight gain. Stress produces cortisol hormone, which when increased leads to sleep deprivation. 8 hours of night sleep will keep your cortisol hormone in check, boost your metabolism and keep weight gain in control. Relax and sleep on time to have a healthy body and beautiful face.

  5. Consume more water.

    Like sleep, drinking water is crucial for maintaining good health and lose facial fat. A minimum of drinking 10 glasses of water per day keeps you hydrated, increases metabolism and boost weight loss. Drinking water before a meal leads to a decrease in calorie intake. This also helps in burning excess fat in the body. Focusing on body weight reduction also reflects in face fat reduction. Staying hydrated reduces bloating and puffiness on the face.

    face fat loss - 8 glasses water per day
    8 glasses of water per day
  6. Limit alcohol

    Alcohol is the main reason for belly fat, overall weight gain and face fat. Occasional drinking of wine is fine, but excess alcohol is not good for your body. This contributes to facial fat and bloating in belly and face. Limit to occasional drinking, weekly basis. 1 glass per day for women and 2 glass per day for men.

  7. Limit sodium intake

    Excess sodium intake causes bloating, facial swelling and puffiness. Sodium causes your body to hold extra water, thus leads to fluid retention. Most processed food has sodium. Cutting down packed foods, processed meats, savory snacks can be an effective way to cut sodium intake.

6 Exercises to Lose Face Fat.

  1. Smiling

    Smiling is the best and easiest exercise you can do on a regular basis. smiling stretches your facial muscles. This stretching of muscles can lose the fat of the face and solve the problem.
    How to: In front of the mirror, open your mouth widely and then close slowly. Try to have the biggest smile without showing off your teeth and then close it slowly. Repeat it 7 times.

  2. Fish Face

    This is one of the easiest exercises. Making fish face helps in spreading and toning cheek muscles.
    How to: Form a fish face by poting your lips and sucking your cheeks in. Try to sleep with this fish face. Hold for 5 seconds, release and relax for 2 seconds. Repeat this 15 times a day.

    fish face facial exercise for face fat loss
    fish face facial exercise
  3. Blowing Air Exercise.

    One of the most effective face exercises to get rid of chubby cheeks and double chins. This exercise impacts cheek, jaw, and neck muscles toning the whole facial muscles and giving facial uplift.
    How to: Sit straight in a chair, bend your head back, look at the ceiling. Pull your lips together and blow out air from lips. slowly release air for 5 seconds. relax and repeat for 20 times a day.

    Blowing air exercise for face fat loss
    Blowing air exercise
  4. Chin Lifts

    This exercise helps in stretching neck, chin and jaw muscles.
    How to: Stretch your neck as much as you can, and slowly lift your head and fix your eyes to the ceiling. Now try to move your lower lip on top of your upper lip and spread a wide smile. Hold this for 10 seconds. Repeat it daily 15 times to get a sharp jawline.

  5. Jaw Release

    Jaw release exercise is very effective in reducing double chin.
    How to:
    1. In a sitting or standing position, keep your lips closed, and move your jaws like your chewing.
    2. Open your mouth widely, keep your tongue pressed at the back of your teeth. Breathe in and out. Hold this position for 5 sec.
    Repeat 1 and 2 for 5 times a day to reduce facial fat.

  6. Tightly close your eyes

    Last, in this list of facial exercises, this one is as effective as others in face fat loss.
    How to: Simply close your eyes with the help of your cheek. Feel the contraction of your facial muscles. Hold this pose for 5 seconds. Do this for 5 times a day along with the other 5 exercises.

These 6 facial exercises are very effective and in the long run gives your sharp jawline, lean cheeks and reduce double chin. Along with diet and exercise, you can effectively lose face fat and get a slimmer face.

Chin fat reduction
How to lose chin fat


There are plenty of ways to help you lose extra fat in your face. Switching up your diet, adding facial exercise to your routine and adjusting some of your daily habits are all effective ways to boost fat loss and slim down your face. In case reducing fat is becoming impossible and you are looking for spot reduction, you could always check for fat loss treatments – Cheek Surgery and chin augmentation.

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