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How Often Should I Wash My Hair?

Some people say you should not wash your hair every day. But few stylish says you should wash it regularly. So let us resolve this confusion.

These are the things on which you yourself have to decide how often should I wash my hair.

Skin Type:

Yes, you need to take the decision to wash or not to wash your hair every day depending upon your skin type. If you have an oily scalp. Then these oil on your scalp will absorb all the dirt from the environment and become dirty. So, If it is too much oily then you make sure your scalp remains clean. In such a case, you can wash it daily or can use some cosmetic products that will help to keep your scalp clean by absorbing extra oil from the scalp.

What if my Hair Scalp is Dry?

Here is the answer. If your scalp is dry then you should not wash your hair every day. Better you wash it twice a week or whenever you feel it has become dirty. Frequently washing hair can make your scalp drier and may become a cause for hair loss.


If you live in a hot or humid region then it will make you sweat more causing your scalp dirty. In that case, washing your hair on a daily basis is important.

If in case you want to go longer between washes then there are a number of hair products available out there that could help you with.


Do Not Push yourself to Wash it every day. Because it’s your choice! Just make sure you are not too lazy to keep it dirty.


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