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How Can We Avoid Coronavirus Infection

While there’s no vaccine to prevent the Coronavirus Infection, there are still things you can do to protect yourself. It is better to prevent ourselves from this new coronavirus than being panic. You may avoid it completely with these must-do things.

You may probably worried more if you are living nearby confirmed cases. Fortunately, you can take some action to protect yourself and your family from this deadly disease.

You can follow these preventive measures to avoid infection from coronavirus.

How to Avoid Coronavirus Infection

Wash Your Hand With Soap And Water to Minimize Your Infection:

corona prevention

It is one of the essential and most important preventive measures to protect yourselves from the corona. Wash your hands with soap and water as much as possible to get rid of this infection. Rub all fingers wrist, nails, the gap between the fingers and everything while forming lather with soap. Form the lather with soap for 20-30seconds and then wash it away under running water. Make sure that you are cleaning every surface of your palm.

If in case there is no facility to wash hands then keep hand sanitizer ready with you all the time. For example, if you are going for grocery shopping then you can make use of this sanitizer. It is very important to do so because there you are most likely to touch the objects which are already been contaminated unknowingly by people with corona. As you know coronavirus can stay on the objects for nearly about 2-3 days.


Keep Your Hands Away from your Mouth, Eyes, and Nose

As you know coronavirus infection enters your body through mouth, eyes, and nose it is very important to keep them safe. You may come to contact with coronavirus through any surfaces like a doorknob, shopping cart, car knob or any other objects. So it is of utmost importance to keep your palm and hands away from your mouth, eyes, and nose. If you want to touch your face then make sure your hands are clean first.

Stay away from people who are Coughing or Sneezing

Even though you may know the person in front of you coughing and sneezing keep yourself away from him or her. Because it takes 5-14 days to develop a symptom for COVID-19 and mainly it is transmitted from the infected person when he or she sneeze or cough. So, if you are the one who is coughing and sneezing then make sure you are covering your face with a mask or handkerchief and see the doctor.

Don’t Shake Hands

To protect your self and the community from spreading coronavirus, avoid handshake with people. Hands are the major culprit in this coronavirus spread. So, be alert all the time.

Practice Social Distancing:

Social Distancing

As you know it takes several days to develop coronavirus symptoms. The person who is already been infected may not come to know it. And he or she may infect 1000 others because even if the symptoms are not there it is contagious. For social distancing avoid going to crowded places, keep a distance of nearly about feet between you and others when you go out, stay home as much as possible

Wash Your Clothes

If you go out to buy necessities then make sure to keep your clothes for washing after coming back. Try to wash your cloth in warm water if you can.

Cook Properly

cook properly to avoid corona

Try not to eat raw food. If you are eating meat then cook it properly to kill all the germs in it. If you are eating fruits like apple and grapes then wash them with warm soapy water first and then by clean warm water.


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