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Home Remedies for Grey Hair, Reverse Problem

Here, we are going to discuss some home remedies for grey hair and can it be helpful to reverse the problem. First of all,  I want to ask you one question.

Do you know why does hair turn grey?

The answer to this question is that it is because of the special type of cell known as a melanocyte. This cell produces melanin, the pigment that gives your skin, hair, and eyes their distinctive colors.

gray hair remedies

These melanocytes pigments that are embedded into the growing hair strand, providing them with color. The melanocytes live with each hair follicle, so every hair strand has its color-producing strength.

But if these melanocytes die, hair lacks its pigment and turns grey-white. It gets this grey color because of it a natural color of keratin hair protein.

Because as explained above, each hair strand has its melanocytes, and each strand has individual strengths to produce melanin, few hairs get grey and others not.

What causes hair greying?

Genetic Reasons

One of the most common reasons for having grey or white hair at a very early age is because of your genes. Sadly in such cases, it is extremely difficult to do find out the remedy.

Dietary Deficiencies

Deficiency of vitamin B and the mineral zinc and copper causes the early appearance of grey hair. This is because these nutrients assist the metabolic process involved in the production of melanin and melanocytes in our bodies.

Melanocytes are what gives your hair it’s a natural color. So its always better to eat foods rich in Vitamin B and zinc and copper. This could be the easiest home remedies for grey hair.

Environmental Pollution

Skin exposed to pollution experiences a higher sebum secretion rate, and excessive sebum on the scalp can block hair follicles, as they become overly-saturated in the hair’s natural oil; weakening hair strands. Subsequently, because of low nutrients and low melanin formation, these lead to premature grey hair.


Smoking leads to free radicals being formed in the body. These free radicals cause This causes damage to cells, leading to decreased melanin, which promotes the greying of hair.


Hypertension, stress, and anxiety are some other causes of premature greying of hair.

Which are the best home remedies for grey hair?

Grey hair can be reversed with these home remedies. After all, these treatments have been followed by ages by our ancestors. Its always better to reverse hair greying than to going harsh on our hair by putting harsh chemicals.

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