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Hair Transplant Types: FUE vs FUT vs DHT

Hair Fall can be very stressful. Neglecting and not taking precautions during the initial stages of hair fall and when it leads to baldness, that’s the time when people regret. If you are one of those who have got bald spots, get hair transplant along now before it gets too late. Nubello Aesthetics can help you, recover your lost hair. We are one of the best hair transplant clinics in Mumbai. Hair transplant surgery is the ultimate and only solution to baldness. No other hair loss treatment can regrow hair on bald spots. This is a natural process of regrowing hair on your scalp. Hair transplant is a permanent and indeed a long term solution to baldness. There are 3 types of hair transplant techniques and each cost differently. Learning the hair transplant processes along with the difference will help you choose the right hair transplant type for yourself. 

Different Types of Hair Transplant Techniques

Taking the right decision while choosing the right hair transplant technique is very important. Cost, time, scar, pain and the other factors that one must consider while choosing the right hair transplant type. There are 3 hair transplant types – FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and DHT (Direct Hair Transplant). First of all, learn the basic structure of the hair transplant process, later we will distinguish the various hair transplant types. 

Hair Transplant Process

In a hair transplant surgery, hair follicles which consist of 3-4 hairs are extracted and planted on the bald region. Normally the extraction of hair follicles is from the donor region. The donor region is the area on your head where the hair density is good. This donor region is normally the back of your head or the sides. Once the extraction of the hair follicles is over, the plantation on the bald region also known as the recipient region takes place. Both the extraction phase and the plantation phase important and the whole hair transplant process revolves around these 2 phases. Now, the 3 hair transplant types differ in these 2 phases. 

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FUT Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Transplant – FUT Hair Transplant is one of the old and traditional hair transplant technique. This involves extracting of a thin long strip of the scalp, either from lower-down of the head or back of the head. The strip has multiple hair follicles, which are then divided into single hair units. The donor region is stitched. This leaves behind a scar. However, takes less time as the extraction phase is quicker.  

FUE Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction – FUE Hair Transplant is an advanced hair transplant technique. Here, Individual follicular units with 1 to 4 hair follicles are extracted. The extraction process uses a micro hair removal tool. Also, the surgeon uses small micro blades and needles with 0.6mm and 1.0mm in diameter for punctures and extractions. This process takes time, accuracy and precision. Normally, the process takes 2-3 hours for extraction of 200 hair follicles. After extraction, the surgeon punctures and implants the hair follicles on recipient region. The tiny puncture from the surgery heals quickly and doesn’t leave behind any scar. However, it takes time. Depending on the number of hair grafts, the process may take 2-3 sessions. 

DHT Hair Transplant

Direct Hair Transplant is an advanced hair restoration procedure compared to FUE and FUT. This is the most modern hair transplant process, which eliminates the use of scalpels. In this hair transplant, there is no scarring or injuries to the scalp. And thus the Direct Hair Transplant is a pain-free hair restoration process. The whole DHT process uses direct hair implanter (DHI) tool. The surgeon extracts hair follicles one-by-one using DHI tool. After extraction, the surgeon immediately implants the extracted hair into the recipient area. The surgeon implants the hair in the desired angle, depth for accurate precision and results. In a single session, the doctor implants a maximum of 6000 hair follicles. This takes more time than FUT, but less time than FUE hair transplant. 

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Which is better? FUT vs FUE vs DHT

What matters to you when you think of hair transplant? The hair transplant cost, success rate, pain and post-surgery scars and output. The most important thing is, the hair transplant clinic and the surgeon performing the surgery. A best hair transplant doctor can perform surgery in a way that the scars heal. Now, based on hair transplant cost – DHT is the costliest. The success rate of DHT and FUE hair transplant is the same. And regarding post-surgery scars, DHT and FUE leave nothing behind. On the whole, out of the 3 hair transplant type, FUE hair transplant is reasonable in price, good success ratio, less pain and no scar post-surgery.

Hair growth post hair transplant surgery takes 4-6months. After a year, all the hair planted on the bald region fully grows. The success ration at Nubello is way high with FUE hair transplant. We offer the best FUE hair transplant in Mumbai

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