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How much Hair Transplant Costs in Mumbai?

There are plenty of options out there to help you with hair loss problems. Like products, serums, oils, and treatments and these promise to increase volume however, most of the options are ineffective. Nevertheless, one of the options to help you with balding is a hair transplant. This is the best way to increase and add hair to a bald region. The demand for hair transplant in Mumbai has increased over time due to awareness, easy loan, and EMI feasibility. But how much does a hair transplant cost in Mumbai? There is no clear answer to this. The hair transplant cost includes both treatment and recovery and multiple factors affect the total cost of the transplant. Understanding the hair transplant process will help you understand, what makes up to the cost of this hair loss treatment.

Hair Transplant Process:

A hair transplant is an aesthetic process in which a dermatologist places hair on to a bald region of the scalp. There are two types of hair used for placement, one is the patient’s hair – natural hair, another is the synthetic hair. In natural hair placement, the surgeon removes hair from the back or side of the head. This region is known as the donor region. There are many variations in the hair transplant process. Here are the 6 variations – FUE Hair Transplant, FUT Hair Transplant, BHT, DHT, Biofibre, and LHT.

1. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

Highly recommended, and widely used hair transplant procedure where individual follicular units with 1 to 4 hairs are extracted at a time. This procedure takes 2-3 hours to extract 200 hair grafts.

2. FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant)

An entire strip of hair follicles is removed from the donor area. Hair grafts are extracted and the strip of follicular unit grafts are placed into tiny incisions in the bald areas. Also known as the strip hair transplant.

3. DHI(Direct hair transplant)

Costly but very effective. The hair follicles are removed from the donor area one after one using a very fine extractor. The hair follicles are then placed using a single-use implanter directly on the treatment area. No stitches, no pain, no scarring and this gives 100 % natural results.

4. Body Hair Transplant

Patients suffering from thin hair on their scalp, go for body hair transplant. Hair follicles from other body parts like beard, chest, back, and legs of the patient are used in the hair transplant.

5. Biofibre Hair Transplant

In case when there is no hair, less hair in the donor area, or when the patient wants instant results, artificial hair grafts are implanted. This is called bio fibre hair transplant. 

6. Long Hair Transplant

In most of the hair transplant procedures, the patient’s head is shaved. When the patient wants direct hair to be implanted without shaving, the patient opts for long hair transplant, also known as unshaven hair transplant. 

Factors Affecting Hair Transplant Costs in Mumbai

As the hair transplant treatments are 90% effective, the costs of hair transplant are also high. Hair transplant cost varies from region to region. Demand for hair transplant in Mumbai is more to that of Navi Mumbai. The cost for Hair transplant in Navi Mumbai is cheaper to that of Mumbai. Hair transplant costs in Mumbai ranges from 35,000-1.5LakhsThe cost of hair transplants is dependent on many different factors. These include:

Area: The cost of living in the region adds to the price. The hair transplant cost varies from Mumbai to Navi Mumbai. Eg. A clinic in Andheri, one of the posh regions in Mumbai may charge higher compared to a clinic in Thane. Adding to the location, the number of surgeons in the region offering the procedure affects the charges.

Type of Hair Transplant Chosen: There are 6 types of hair transplants, FUE Hair Transplant being the cheapest and artificial hair transplant being the costliest. 

The number of Hair Grafts: Intensity of baldness and a number of hair grafts required for implantation adds to the total price. Natural hair grafts cost from 25-40 rs per graft, whereas bio fibre hair grafts costs from 50-95 per graft.  

Experience of the Surgeon: Highly skilled and experienced surgeons charge the most. Do research on the surgeon and clinic if the charges are worth. 

Clinic Reputation: A clinic with decades of experience, name and fame in the hair industry will charge high, compared to a newly established clinic. Facilities, experience in the industry and name adds up to hair transplant cost. 

Hair Transplant Recovery Costs:

In addition to hair transplant treatment costs, there are other potential recovery costs that you should take into account, and these are:

  • Pain and Anti-inflammatory medication post hair transplant treatment. 
  • Antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection in the surgical region. 
  • Lotions like minoxidil and others to boost hair growth and PRP treatments cost in the follow-up sessions add to the post hair transplant recovery cost.

If you experience any complications, the most common of which is an infection, you’ll need to treat it. This can be a source of additional expense, including the costs for medications and doctor’s visits.

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