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Hair Transplant Surgery and Its Procedure

Hair Loss has become most significant among people these days. And Hair transplant Surgery is a common solution to have permanent hair without any doubt.

Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair Transplant  is a procedure that removes hair follicles of existing hair, from one part of body. These hair follicles are then transplanted to the other bald areas of the body.

Generally these transplanted grafts containing hair follicles are genetically resistant to balding. Healthy hair can be grown from these transplanted grafts.

Hair transplant surgery can transplant male pattern baldness as well as female pattern baldness.

Basically there are two types of hair transplant.

  1. Follicular unit transplantation (FUT).
  2. Follicular unit extraction (FUE).

Now, the question is what is FUT and FUE and how they differ from each other ? Which technique gives better hair Growth and natural hair growth?

Follicular Hair transplant (FUT)

FUT( Follicular hair transplant) is a traditional way of transplanting your hair.

In this technique linear strip of hair bearing strip is extracted , its called as donor strip. This donar strip of donar hair is then cut into individual follicular units. Then These individual follicular units are then grafted in to scalp.

This procedure needs local anesthesia.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

FUE is an advanced technique of hair transplant. In this technique each individual follicular units containing 1 – 4 hairs are removed from the hair bearing area.

This procedure Generally requires Local anesthesia.

This micro removal typically uses tiny punches of between 0.6 mm to  1.0 mm in diameter.

These individual grafts are inserted in to bald areas of the scalp with the help of micro blades or fine needles.

FUE can take place in single long session or might take number of small sessions. And it totally depends upon the individual requirement!!

So, this procedure is time consuming as compared to FUT.

FUE is time consuming procedure than

But this treatment gives more natural Effects.


Steps to Successful Hair Transplant

Hair transplant Surgery is more prominent these days. The Nubello Asthetics, has been performing hair transplantation medical procedure on people from all across world.

With an end goal to achieve genuinely effective hair transplantation methodology. We have assembled a concise breakdown of The Nubello facility hair transplant process.

Step One: Consultation

The first step in any hair restoration plan should always be a thorough and comprehensive hair loss diagnosis.

There are many different forms of hair loss and many different medical conditions that can affect individual treatment.

Every patient must be inspected in a proper manner. After examination the individual must be given suitable methodology required.

Before moving towards surgery, Doctors should give clear idea about following given things:

  1. Cost of surgery
  2. Number of sessions
  3. amount of hair transplant
  4. possible difficulties

Step Two: Harvesting

Hair Transplant operations are performed, with mild anesthesia and injected local anesthesia. The scalp is shampooed and then treated with an antibacterial agent prior to the donor scalp being harvested.

There are many different techniques for harvesting hair follicles. Each technique has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Proper extraction of the hair follicle ensure the viability of the transplanted hair. To avoid  the cutting of the individual hair shaft from the tiny hair follicle.  Surgeon must remove transplanted tissue at a specific angle as hair follicles grow at slight angle to the skin surface.

Step Three: Dissection

It is necessary to keep fragile Follicular units safe and sound. So, to avoid any damage to the follicular units dissesection is necessary thing.

It is important to keep whole follicular unit impact as it will maximize its growth. Intact follicular units can also give the fullness to hair restoration, as they contain the full natural complement.

Slivering is the first step in dissection. In slivering, the dissector divides the long donor strip into smaller sections of approximately 2-2.5mm.  The sectioning is accomplished by passing a scalpel blade through the spaces around follicular units.

This technique skillfully generates smaller pieces of hair bearing tissues without breaking small follicular units and without cutting hair follicles.


Step Four: Implantation

The genuine key to a really normal looking hair transplant is in the situation and calculating of the unions. A person’s hair development design is as one of a kind as a unique mark and just a profoundly gifted.

Experienced specialist can legitimately point the vital cuts and place the follicular unit joins.


Step Five: Post-operative care

In hair transplant some doctors go for Semi-permeable dressing. This dressing will allow seepage of blood and tissue fluid but it should be changed daily. After two days from surgery you can go for Shampooing.

Some surgeons may suggest some patient shampooing just a day after surgery. Shampooing is an important step to prevent scabs from forming around the hair shaft. Scabs adhere to the hair shaft. Thus Scabs increases the risk of losing newly transplanted hair follicles during the first 7 to 10 days post surgery

Some of the transplanted hair can fall out during first 8-10 days as some of them can get traumatized by their relocation.

After two to three months new hair will begin to grow from the moved follicles. The patient’s hair will grow normally, and continue to thicken through the next six to nine months.

Step Six: Maintenance

Non-surgical hair loss treatments including medication, platelet-rich plasma and others should be combined into a long-term maintenance plan. This will helps slow and prevent further hair loss, thus preserve your hair transplantation results lifelong.

If you have concerns that you may be suffering from hair loss. And wish to schedule a consultation with our expert doctors. So that you can fully understand your options, then please contact us for Hair Restoration at Nubello Clinic.

To know about these things

  • cost of hair transplant
  • eligibility requirement
  • resulting yield of hair
  • number of grafts
  • required time to complete the procedure
  • recovery time

please contact Nubello Clinic  @ +91 7777033583 which is a Center of Hair Restoration and Research.







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