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Hair Restoration with Wig or Hair Transplant?

Balding can be very embarrassing and it may affect your confidence, personal and social life. How do you handle your baldness? If you are getting bald and looking for a solution, you are in the right place. There are many options in the market for hair restoration. Short term, long term, cheap, costly, long-lasting, natural ways, and many options to hide the bald region on your head. Such as wigs, hair systems, hair bonding, weaving, toupees, volumizer and hair transplants. If you are suffering from baldness, understanding the various options will help you choose the right one for yourself. This article, in particular, discusses the best of the two options that most of the bald person choose – hair restoration with wig or hair transplant treatment!

Different options for covering bald spots

Hair Bonding

Hair bonding is the perfect hair replacement process for both men and women. A solution for immediate hair loss problems. Hair bonding is a painless and quick method to increase the length of your hair. Soft silicone glue is used accurately on the affected areas of your scalp to fix the synthetic hair. Then, it is merged well with the already existing hair strands. The hair bonding can be customized, choose the kind of hair, texture, length and others. Make sure that you visit an experienced hair technician or doctor so that you get the best advice about what kind of synthetic hair should be added to your existing hair. This option is temporary and it requires regular maintenance. 

Volumizer for Women

This is a unique, nonsurgical, semi-permanent, integrated hair replacement option. This is specifically designed for women with up to 50 per cent hair loss in the crown, and women with fine, thin, and/or damaged hair. Hair extensions can add length and thickness to a hairstyle, but they can’t address the crown of the head. It can be worn for up to five weeks before being uninstalled and reinstalled. Each hair on the system is hand-tied, to create volume on the top and to lay flat and blend in with the sides. This can be customized based on texture, and needs of the patient. It produces immediate results and requires no glue, no adhesives, and no chemicals, as it is integrated with your hair and lays flat to the head, it is totally undetectable and completely wearable night and day for up to five weeks.

Designer Wigs

Hair systems are commonly known as super wigs. These super wigs use natural hair, an invisible base, and modern techniques. This is a non-surgical hair replacement solution, which gives the user full customization from base material to hair colour, style, density, texture and length. Toupees, wigs, and hair systems are often used interchangeably. There are two types of super wigs: stock hair systems and custom-made hair systems. Stock hair systems are mass-produced keeping in mind the most common hair system wearer requirements. Custom hair systems, also known as the designer wigs are made according to an individual’s specifications. The price of custom made hair systems is usually higher than that of stock hair systems. 

Hair Transplant

All the 3 options mentioned are a temporary fix to bald spots, whereas hair transplant is a long-lasting and permanent option. A hair transplant is an aesthetic process in which a dermatologist places hair on to a bald region of the scalp. There are two types of hair used for placement, one is the patient’s hair – natural hair, another is the synthetic hair. It is a popular treatment for male baldness.

Now, you have many options to hide your baldness, in fact, one of the solutions is to regrow your hair through the hair transplant. Hereafter, understand the main differences between wig and hair transplant. And based on your needs and preference, we hope you will be able to choose the right option for yourself.

Hair restoration with wigs or hair transplant?

Let us understand with benefits and drawbacks of hair systems and hair transplants. 

Advantages of hair systems/ wigs are: 

  • 1. Instant results with No waiting.
  • 2. No surgery or medication.
  • 3. Low pricing.
  • 4. Good for both temporary and permanent hair loss.
  • 5. Suitable for people with no donor’s hair.

Drawbacks include:

  • 1. Requires timely maintenance. 
  • 2. Need to potentially replace a hair system regularly.

Now understand hair transplant:

Advantages of a hair transplant are:

  • 1. Positive aesthetic change – Natural hair growth. Nothing artificial, only your hair.
  • 2. Improved self-esteem.
  • 3. Natural hair look.
  • 4. Natural hair growth.

 Drawback Include:

  • 1. Expensive.
  • 2. Risk of scarring and infection.
  • 3. Wait time of 6 months – 1 year.

What is your preference for hair restoration? 

  • The cheap, instant result? – Go for hair systems like wigs.
  • Natural and hair regrowth? – Opt for hair transplants.

There is another option, Natural and instant result with synthetic hair transplant

What is Synthetic hair transplant?

In case when there is no hair, less hair in the donor area, or when the patient wants instant results, artificial hair grafts are implanted. This is called bio fibre hair transplant. Synthetic hair transplant is a method wherein artificial or bio fibre hair created from inert materials are implanted directly into the scalp of the individual. It is one of the greatest boons in today’s scientific innovation for people suffering from complete baldness or those who don’t have donor’s hair. Wigs and hairstyle have an advantage for the complete bald person, in a similar fashion, synthetic hair transplant is very useful for the complete bald person. 

Benefits of hair transplant over wigs

Natural Vs Artificial Look

For many, wigs are affordable and quick idea to cover bald look, however, hair systems and wigs offer a completely unnatural look. A person who wears wigs and uses hair systems can easily be noticed and identified people. No matter how expensive hair wigs you purchase, it doesn’t offer you an unnoticeable appearance. 

The basic purpose of hair transplant is to regrow your natural hair. In a hair transplant, you get your hair with the same colour and look exactly matches with existing hair. Thereby, you always get a very desirable natural look.

 Permanent Vs Temporary Solution

Wearing hair wigs appear to be a good option but they are a temporary solution. You won’t be able to wear them for a lifetime. There is an additional charge of maintaining and replacing the wigs for frequent changing. On the other hand, once you undergo a hair transplant surgery then next amazing thing you would get is permanent hair restoration. In other word, you don’t have to spend money again and again as you will have restored your lost hair permanently.

Wait Time

Hair systems are good options for a quick result, whereas the normal hair transplants like FUE and FUT take 6 months to 1 year to show results. However, synthetic hair transplant is one of the variations in hair transplant that give instant result, unlike FUE hair transplant. 


Money, Time, Preference matters in choosing the right option for hair restoration. Hair systems, wigs offer a temporary option with additional maintenance cost. And the most important part they do not offer the natural look. We would recommend hair transplant, which is time-consuming, but natural and long-lasting. In case you are looking for an instant result, you can opt for synthetic hair transplant. Nubello Aesthetics offers the class of synthetic hair transplant in Mumbai

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