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Hair Problems in Winter? Hair Care tips for Winter

The cold and winter season can be the worst time of the year for hair. Usually, people find it difficult to handle their hair. Hair gets dry, weak, rough and breaks easily with more split ends in winter than on any other seasons. Often people complain of lifeless hair in winter. This is because the hair loses its moisture and thus becomes dry and lifeless. With winter at its peak, hair problem increases. Do not worry, we are here to give you tips and tricks for hair care in winter. Now is the time, you make changes and care more about your hair than normal. 

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Hair Problems in Winter

1. Frizzy hair

The weather change, temperature drop can bring a lot of change in your hair. The moisture is lost and hair becomes frizzy. 

2. Dry ends

Cold air can make your hair dry and harsh. Winter brings in dryness on your hair especially the ends, making them brittle and poky. 

3. Static

Hair loses its moisture, and in winter season hair tends to pick up an electrical charge from the dry air surrounding your hair. 

4. Split ends

With dry ends, comes split ends. It is natural to notice more split ends in the winter season. Dry and brittle hair tends to lose its strength and leaves behind split ends. 

5. Itchy scalp

Dry hair and dry scalp is part of the winter season. If you do not add moisture, oil to your hair, the hair condition in winter could worsen and lead to dandruff and itchy scalp.

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Hair Care Tips for Winter

1. Keep your hair hydrated

Winter and low temperature make your hair dry. Hair dries out in winter because of less moisture in the air. Oiling overnight, using a good oil conditioner will keep your hair moistured. Drinking more water, keeps your body hydrated internally. Your body needs moisture internally and externally. Keep oiling weekly twice. 

2. Trim your hair

Winter brings in more of split ends. One of the best ways to handle split ends is to cut and trim the ends. Trim once, after which keep using conditioners and after wash serum to avoid dryness and prevent more split-ends. 

3. Avoid over-styling

In winter, hair becomes dry, and when you use tools such as hair dryers and ironing tools, your hair becomes dry and fizzy. Avoid hair straightening in winters. Your hair needs more care than rough handling. Colouring, styling, heating will add more damage to your hair, making your hair dull, brittle and prone to split-ends. 

4. Don’t go out in wet hair

Cold hair delays the hair drying process and wet hair is highly prone to breakage and damage. Take more time to dry your hair normally, avoid blow-drying and dry your hair before leaving home. 

5. Less shampoo

Avoid frequent hair washing. Regular washing removes the natural hair oils, and in winter this leads to dry hair and dry scalp. Adding chemicals and frequent shampooing will extract natural oils from hair and scalp. Keep hair wash limited to 2 times in a week. 

General Hair Care Tips for Winter

  1. Use essential oils along with coconut oil. Heat 2 tbsp of coconut oil, add 3-4 drops of essential oils like lavender, rosemary to it. Apply the mixed oil weekly twice to avoid dryness.

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  2. Go for scalp massage. Dry scalp, dandruff is part of the winter season. Take deep conditioning and heat oils and go for 5-10 minutes scalp massage. Leave it overnight. 
  3. Go for a good hair mask on Sundays with fenugreek, egg and essential oils in it. Try for hair masks which will add lustre, and strengthen your hair.
  4. Do not leave your hair open while you are out in chill air. Keep your hair tied to avoid hair breakage and split ends.
  5. Use conditioners and serums post hair wash.


Hair fall, dull hair and split ends is normal, however, in winter the hair becomes vulnerable. Take good care of your hair now more than ever. A little love, care will protect your hair in winter from breakage and dandruff. 

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