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Green Tea for Weight Loss: Benefits and Side Effects

If you like tea and looking for weight loss, why not start with green tea for weight loss. We are here to tell you all about green tea – benefits, how to drink and side effects.

Green tea is one of the most beneficial refreshments on the planet. It is stacked with cell reinforcements and different plant aggravates that may profit your wellbeing. A few people even case that green tea can reduce fat and help you get more fit. In most of the weight loss diet plans, green tea is chosen in place of regular tea and coffee.

Green Tea for Weight Reduction, Benefits, and Side Effects

  • Flavonoids and caffeine in green tea can help you Lose Fat.
  • Green tea leaves help elevate metabolic rate, increase fat oxidation and improve insulin activity.
  • Studies show that drinking a cup of green tea increases the number of antioxidants in your bloodstream.
  • This healthy beverage is loaded with potent antioxidants called catechins -Green tea extract or catechin supplements may help you lose visceral fat — a fat that is particularly harmful to your health.
  • Green tea leaf contains epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a substance that can boost metabolism.
  • Increases fat burning, especially during exercise – A number of studies show that green tea extract can boost fat burning. The effect is even stronger during exercise.
  • Boosts your metabolic rate – Several studies suggest that green tea can boost metabolism and help people burn 3–4% more calories each day.
  • One of the best green tea variety is Matcha green tea. It is the richest green tea source of nutrients and antioxidants.

Now that you understand the benefits of green tea, that green tea leaf has so many components to increase your metabolism, burn fat and oxidizes your bloodstream, so if you are looking for weight loss and accelerate the process then make it a habit to drink green tea.

Preparation and consumption of green tea.

It is how you brew your green tea leaves? Boiling water is bad for the tea, as catechins – the healthy chemical in green tea leaf loses its value. So, once water is boiled, let it settle for 10 mins, pour the hot water on to the green tea leaves. In case you are using green tea bags, just pour hot water on the bag and serve it hot.

How and when to drink green tea.

There are conflicting pieces of evidence from studies for green tea consumption. Some say green tea benefits people who drink as little as 1 cup/day while others say 5 or more cups/day benefit more. Consuming green tea for weight loss works effectively and increases the process of weight reduction when you follow weight loss diet plan and do proper exercise. For health benefits, the green tea intake should be 3-5 cups per day. Consuming green tea to a limit of 4 cups a day should work great for weight loss, but this may vary from person to person.

For the weight loss process to accelerate, drink green tea in between meals. 2 hours before or after meals to maximize nutrients absorption and help in burning bad fats. Never drink green tea with your meals, as it makes the nutrient absorption difficult.

5 Green Tea side effects

Drinking up to 5-8 cups of tea per day is considered safe for adults but there are few side effects to be kept in mind.  There are few ingredients like caffeine in green tea which might be sensitive and cause problems to a certain individual and should be avoided. In general, if you drink a cup of coffee without any issues then you might not experience any of these listed negative side effects from drinking green tea.

  1. Headache
  2. Sleeping problems
  3. Anemia and Iron Deficiency
  4. Dizziness
  5. Irregular heartbeat and blood pressure

Caffeine and tea catechins which are in green tea, are both linked to risks during pregnancy. Green tea is a big NO for pregnant women. Try to avoid it.


Despite the fact that green tea concentrate can cause an increment in metabolic rate and fat consuming, its belongings are unobtrusive with regards to real pounds lost. Nonetheless, when you work out, do exercise, consume green tea, along with eating more protein and cutting carbs, the final output would be very beneficial in weight loss challenge.

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