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FUE Hair Transplant: Questions That Patients Ask

Hair transplant in India is growing at a rapid speed. The increase in demand for this treatment has given a chance to new hair clinics to invest money, time and explore this industry. The successful case, the widely accepted audience, the ever-evolving technology developments have given a new dimension to the hair transplant treatment. FUE hair transplant is one of the most widely practised hair transplant surgeries around India. This hair restoration surgery is cost-effective, almost no scar post-surgery, and gives a very satisfying result. Though FUE hair transplant has grown popularity, yet patients have lots of doubts and fear about the hair transplant treatment. If you are one of them in a dilemma about the hair transplant surgery, then you have landed in the right place. We will try to solve all your queries regarding FUE hair transplant. 

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FUE Hair Transplant Process

Hair transplant is a hair restoration technique. Once a person is balding, the only solution to regrow hair in the bald spot is with hair transplant surgery. In hair transplant process, the surgeon extracts hair from the sides and backside of the hair, known as the donor region and implants on the bald region. 

In FUE hair transplant, the surgeon extracts individual hair follicular units with 1 to 4 hair follicles. The surgeon uses a micro hair removal tool for the extraction process. Also, the surgeon uses small micro blades and needles with 0.6mm and 1.0mm in diameter for punctures and extractions. After extraction, the surgeon punctures and implants the hair follicles on recipient region. 

Now, you know the process, here are some of the questions patients ask for FUE hair Transplant. 

Questions regarding FUE Hair Transplant

1. Am I eligible for FUE hair transplant?

a) For an FUE hair transplant, the patient must be ageing in between 25-45 years. Patients below 25, above 45 are not eligible. Above 45, the hair doesn’t grow, below 25, too young for a hair transplant surgery. 

b) The patient must have donor’s hair, that is hair must be thick with good density at the back of the head or the sides of the head. Less, weak donor hair will not give you effective result post-surgery.  

2. Will my hair regrow after hair transplant?

Yes, your hair will regrow post-surgery. Medications, PRP therapy will boost the implanted hair and 80-90% of implanted hair will regrow. 

3. How much time will it take for hair to grow fully?

Post FUE hair transplant surgery, the new hair starts growing after 3 months, after 6 months, you can see hair grown, after 9months to 1 year, the hair fully grows.

4. What is the cost of FUE hair transplant in Mumbai?

FUE hair transplant cost in Mumbai depends on the number of hair grafts implantation. Each hair graft costs 25-50 Rs. In Mumbai, the FUE hair transplant costs between 25,000-1.3Lakhs, depending on hair graft implantation.

5. Will it be painful? Should I take leave from work, post-surgery?

No, the surgery is not painful. As local anaesthesia is given you do not feel the pain during surgery. And post-surgery, pain killer medication and care tips are given to you by the surgeon. Post-surgery, you can resume going to the office immediately on the next day. 

6. How much time does it take for hair transplant surgery?

At Nubello, the surgeon takes 2 hours to extract 400-600 hair follicles, the implantation takes 2-3 hours. Depending on the number of hair grafts, the process may take 2-3 sessions. 

7. Will hair transplant give me a permanent result?

Yes, as the process is implantation of your hair on the bald region, based on the hair thickness, age, surgery quality, and maintenance process, 70-80% of the FUE hair transplant surgery gives a permanent result lasting for 10-15 years. This again depends on your maintenance. 

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8. Is the process safe?

Yes, FUE hair transplant is completely safe. There are NO major side effects of the FUE hair transplant. The hair clinic must adhere to the safety process, and not implant more than permitted hair grafts per session. Rules and regulation must be followed. 

9. Will this surgery leave any scar?

No. In FUE hair transplant the tiny puncture from the surgery heals quickly and doesn’t leave behind any scar. 

10. Will the new hair look natural?

Yes. This is not a wig or a hairpiece. Your hair from the donor region is implanted on the bald region. Depending on the thickness, and maintenance process, the new hair grows. Which is very much natural and solely yours 🙂

Hope this clarifies your doubts. In case you face any more questions with regards to FUE hair transplant or any hair loss treatment, drop us your message here. 

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