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Top 5 reasons behind feeling hungry all the time

The basic fact is that our body needs food for energy, so it is normal to feel hungry after a few hours. In case you feel hungry even after a meal then something could wrong with your health. The name or medical term for extreme hunger is called “Polyphagia”. Here, we are providing all the various medical and nutrition-related reason for feeling hungry all the time.

Feeling hungry all the time? Here are the top 5 Reasons

  1. Consumption of junk food – Junk food is considered a simple carbohydrate. It will break down faster in the body and hence result in hunger again. This processed food will also lead to weight gain.
  2. Consumption of Soda – Even if you consume diet or regular soda, it will have an adverse effect on each individual. Diet soda results in additional unsightly belly fat because it results in hunger frequently.
  3. Lack of consumption of water – Each individual should take at least 8-9 glasses of water daily. Our body is made up of 75 percent of water. Drinking more water aids in the faster fat burning process. When your body feels dehydrated, one will have the desire to eat more.
  4. Failure to perform workouts regularly – One should perform regular workouts conscientiously to burn the accumulated calories and fats in our body.
  5. Increase in stress level – When the hormone commonly known as cortisol is released due to stress, it causes accumulation of belly fat. It also leads one to feel hungry often. Hence, it is suggested to reduce the stress level by exercising regularly.

5 Medical reasons behind feeling hungry all the time

  1. You could be having Diabetes.

    When a normal person eats food, and all his food consumption is turned to glucose. But when you have diabetes, glucose doesn’t reach all the cells instead is flushed out. Thus your body needs more glucose and hence you feel hungry all the time. Other Symptoms of diabetes is – Extreme thirst, frequent urination, sudden weight loss, pain in your hands and feet, wounds take time to heal. Talk to your doctor in case you find symptoms along with extreme hunger pangs for type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

  2. You could be sleep deprived.

    In case a person doesn’t get enough sleep or rest, it affects the hormones which control your hunger. And thus this person who is having a lack of sleep has an increased appetite and constant hunger.

  3. You could be having Thyroid.

    In case you have hyperthyroidism, you start to feel hungry all the time. Other signs of having thyroid are a high pulse and more sweat than normal. Along with increased hunger, the person feels very thirsty and sudden muscle weakness.

  4. Medications.There are some drugs which take up all your energy and thus you want to eat more than normal. If you have gained weight since you started the medication, it could be that the medicine is making you feel hungry and affecting your hunger hormones.
  5. You could be Pregnant.In case you missed your period, have frequent urination, nausea, food cravings along with feelings of hunger, you must be pregnant. Pregnant women in the first trimester have hunger pangs, so in case you have these symptoms, its time you visit your doctor.

So how do you cure the extreme hunger pangs?

  • Apart from medical conditions, feeling hungry all the time is a sign that your body needs more food and this is because of imbalanced hormones. Frequent hunger is due to lack of protein, fiber or fat in your diet. Fibrous food makes you feel full.
  • Stress and lack of sleep make also increase hunger. Change your lifestyle, relax, sleep well and eat healthily.
  • Undernutrition could also be a reason for extreme hunger, hence increase your food intake.

Hope you find this article useful. Any queries for weight loss or diet-related problems, feel free to consult Nubello expert dieticians and nutritionist at – 9022333827.

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