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Does Biotin Improve Hair Growth?

Losing hair is a natural phenomenon, and we have been saying this in most of our articles. There is nothing to stress about hair fall, however, after losing hair, new hair should grow. How fast hair grows after hair loss is the main factor. If hair growth takes more time than the normal, then hair loss may lead to hair thinning. There are many ways to control hair fall and improve hair growth like using minoxidil, derma-roller and PRP hair treatment. However, internally, the body needs the extra vitamin to improve hair growth. And this is where biotin is very much important in hair growth. This article speaks about the importance of biotin in hair growth. 

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What is Biotin?

Biotin is part of Vit.B family. This is a water-soluble vitamin, also known as Vit.H. Our body needs biotin to convert nutrients to energy. Lack of biotin in the body leads to hair loss, affects skin, nails and you may experience a scaly red rash. Biotin deficiency is very rare, as biotin is sufficiently available in our foods. 

Signs of Biotin Deficiency

Biotin deficiency is rare, however, there are certain causes of biotin deficiency. Such as severe malnutrition, lack of biotin in parental diet during pregnancy or breast-feeding resulting in lack of biotin in you, long-term use of anticonvulsant medications, antibiotics, and smoking. Here are the top 5 signs of biotin deficiency:

  • Hair loss.
  • Confusion and memory problems.
  • Skin rashes particularly near nose and mouth.
  • Nausea and abdominal cramping.
  • Muscle pain.

Research Behind Biotin and Hair Growth

Research and studies don’t have sufficient proof behind biotin and hair growth, however, scientifically it is proven that keratin makes up hair and biotin improves keratin infrastructure, thus improving hair thickness and density. 

How much Biotin does one need?

As said earlier, biotin deficiency is very rare, hence there is no such dosage, however, experts urge on the following dosage guidelines: Anyone above 10 years should get 30-100 mcg of biotin per day. Consult with your doctor for the right amount of biotin intake. Based on the recommendation, you can get the biotin dosage via diet or by taking a biotin supplement.

Biotin-rich Food

Here is the list of foods containing biotin:

Vegetarian Foods:

Nuts, legumes, spinach, cauliflower, rice, milk products like cheese, curd, milk, whole grains, oats, apple, bananas, carrots, tomatoes and potatoes.

Non-vegetarian Foods:

Organ meats like liver and kidney. Egg yolk, pork, beef, chicken, all these have biotin. 

Any normal diet contains most of these foods, it is impossible to have a biotin deficiency, however, if you want to have extra biotin for your hair growth, you need to add more of these foods in your diet regularly. Another option is you can add biotin supplements along with your regular food. However, consult with your doctor before taking biotin supplements. 

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Risks involved with excess Biotin

Eating more of biotin-rich foods doesn’t carry any risk, however, if you taking biotin supplements, it is important to check with your doctor. Biotin doesn’t have any known side effects, but your consultant is the right person to give you biotin supplement dosage. Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin, so any excess of biotin gets flushed out through urine, thus making excess dosage unlikely. In case you develop an unusual skin rash after taking biotin supplements, visit your doctor immediately. 

How long does it take for biotin to improve hair growth?

Many using biotin supplements don’t see any noticeable benefits until they are consistent for several months. For best results, biotin should be taken regularly for months. It is important to remember, hair loss is not only due to biotin deficiency, but there can also be many reasons behind hair loss. Biotin does contribute to hair growth, however controlling hair loss and working on other aspects that are causing hair loss in your to matter in hair growth. 

Other ways to improve hair growth

Similar to biotin, many other nutritional supplements add to hair growth, however, scientific proof is not substantial. You can increase these nutrients in your diet for improving hair growth, like caffeine, zinc, Vit.A, C, selenium, and melatonin. A good dietician and nutritionist can provide you with a good diet chart for hair growth. 

Apart from adding nutrition, certain medications and treatments improve hair growth. Medically approved and recommended medicines are topical minoxidil and oral finasteride. PRP hair treatment and derma roller for scalp improve hair growth. 

Depending on the current hair loss condition, hair regrowth treatment and medication are prescribed by the hair doctors. In case you are looking for a good hair doctor or hair specialist in Mumbai for hair loss, visit Nubello.  


As explained earlier, there is no firm evidence to support the use of biotin for hair growth, however, there is also no risk using biotin supplement. In case you are experiencing hair loss, you need to speak with your doctor for ruling out the hair loss causes. In most cases, biotin deficiencies are not the main cause of hair loss, and there might be other reasons for hair loss. For persistent or severe cases of hair loss, prescription medications along with hair loss treatments may be recommended. Nubello offers the best hair loss treatment in Mumbai

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