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Dandruff vs Dry Scalp: How do you treat scalp problems?

Itchy scalp and white particles on your shoulders? And you remember the anti-dandruff shampoo ad from television. Now, you have gone to store, purchased an anti-dandruff shampoo, but these white flakes return? You need to understand the basic difference between dandruff and dry scalp. Learning the difference will help you treat your scalp problem correctly. If you have a dry scalp with flakes, you may assume it to be dandruff. But it could be a just the dry scalp. Dandruff and dry scalp have the same signs. Such as the falling white flakes and itchy scalp, but these are 2 different conditions. When a person has dry scalp, the skin irritation causes flakes. In case of dandruff, too much oil on the scalp causes scales on the scalp to shed off. Know the condition and get the right scalp treatment and say good-bye to the white flakes forever. 

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Symptoms & Causes: Dandruff Vs Dry Scalp

What are the Symptoms of Dry Scalp and what causes it?

Symptoms: Small and white flakes, itchy scalp and itchy skin along with dry skin on other body parts of the body apart from scalp. 

Causes: Lack of moisture on the scalp causes dry scalp. The skin on the scalp becomes irritated and flakes off. Lack of water, causes the scalp to dry which also causes the skin on other parts of the body, like arms and legs, could also become dry. This condition occurs in the winter season. The cold and dry wind may cause dry scalp. Extensive usage of chemicals or product reactions can also lead to dry scalp. Shampoos, styling gels and sprays can cause dry scalp. Age is also one of the factors for dry scalp. 

What are the Symptoms of Dandruff and what causes it?

Symptoms: In dandruff, the scalp is oily, reddish and large yellow or white flakes fall. Itchy and scaly scalps. 

Causes: A fungus called Malassezia triggers dandruff. This fungus usually survives on the scalp. The skin cells on the scalp multiply and shed off, with the increase of Malassezia fungi, the skin cells on the scalp are rapidly formed and shed more quickly than usual. Some people have too much of Malassezia fungus and which causes skin cells to multiply more quickly than usual. Dirty or infrequent hair wash doesn’t cause dandruff, however, if the hair is not washed often, the oil builds up on the skin causing flakes. 

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How to differentiate dandruff and dry scalp?

One way to tell the difference between dandruff and dry scalp is with the flakes. Dandruff flakes are bigger, oily, whitish or yellowish. Dry scalps are small in size and the scalp isn’t oily, and most of the times white flakes are on other body parts. 

Treatment for Dry Scalp and Dandruff

For dry scalp, wash weekly thrice with gentle shampoo along with moisturizing conditioner. Apply moisturizer to the scalp before going to bed, morning wash with a gentle shampoo and your white flakes from the dry scalp will vanish. You can use steam twice a week on your scalp to deliver more moisture to your scalp.

For Dandruff, After consultation with the dermatologist, you can use any of these anti-dandruff cleansers:

  • Pyrithione zinc shampoos.
  • Tar-based shampoos.
  • Salicylic acid shampoos.
  • Selenium sulfide shampoos.
  • Ketoconazole shampoos.

When to See a Doctor?

You can treat dandruff on your own using the shampoos, however, if you have tried anti-dandruff shampoos for a month, and the white flakes haven’t improved, gotten worse, the scalp is reddening, make an appointment with a nearby dermatologist. This must be something more severe. The dermatologist will determine if it is dandruff or something else like eczema or psoriasis. Nubello Aesthetics offers a solution to all scalp related problems and Nubello expertise in offering the best anti-dandruff treatment in Mumbai.  

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