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Chemotherapy Hair Loss: How to deal with it!

Having cancer and dealing with the deadly disease is the bravest thing! You are doing great my friend. We are all proud of you. While the journey to fight cancer is tough and painful, the outcome is great when you win over cancer but at what cost? Many go through chemotherapy and lose hair, become weak mentally and physically. We are here to help you with chemotherapy hair loss. We hope to succeed in providing a solution to your hair loss problems!

Why does chemo lead to hair loss?

Chemotherapy drugs are the most powerful medications in attacking the growing cancer cells. Unfortunately, these drugs also attack other cells in the body, including the growing cells of the hair roots. Thus this may cause hair loss all over your body. Hair falls not only from the scalp, but sometimes also from eyelash, eyebrow, armpit, and pubic area. Most of the chemo drugs cause hair loss, the medication and dosage vary the hair loss from thinning to baldness.

Likely, the hair loss from chemotherapy isn’t permanent. The hair grows in 3-6 months after the chemotherapy ends. The new hair which grows might be of different shade and texture.

Hair loss during chemotherapy

The hair usually begins falling out 2-4 weeks after starting the chemotherapy treatment. the hair falls may be quickly or gradually, depending on the dosage. Observing loose hair on pillows, comb and while taking bath is common. The scalp feels tender and soft. The hair falls throughout the chemotherapy and may extend a few weeks post the treatment also. As mentioned earlier, hair thinning or balding depends on the treatment. Along with the effects of chemotherapy drugs, the patient starts to lose more hair due to the stress caused by the treatment. Change in body, change in physical appearance causes trauma, which causes hair loss. Stress and depression add to the hair fallout.

Hair loss prevention during chemotherapy

There are no treatments that could guarantee “No Hair Fall” during or after chemotherapy. Certain medications can help slow down the hair fall and they are:

  • Scalp cooling caps. A closely fitted cap with chilled liquid fluid provides coolness, thus slow down blood flow on the scalp. This way, the chemo drugs are likely to affect the hair, thus reducing hair fall.
  • Minoxidil. This drug is approved for hair loss in normal conditions. This might also work on chemo patients.

As said earlier this hair loss is temporary. It takes several weeks to post the treatment for hairs to regrow. The new hair might have different texture and color for a temporary time period. Medications and treatment can help with hair growth.

One of the most favored treatments for people suffering from hair loss with cancer is Bio treatments. In bio treatments, the body’s immune system is given a new lease of life and in turn, the treatment makes the body to cure its own ailment. Nubello Aesthetics uses bio treatments. In case you are looking for chemotherapy hair loss treatment in Mumbai, visit today and get a free consultation today on a chemotherapy hair loss treatment.

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