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Causes of Hair Loss? Is it Because of Environment!!

types of hair loss and baldness

Causes of Hair Loss

There are many Causes of Hair Loss. One of the measure causes of  Hair Loss is Environment.

Environment Causes many other ailments as well like premature hair graying and dandruff.

As we can see in ancient ages baldness could be seen only in old age people. But as the time passes, the baldness, most peculiarly male pattern baldness has become prominent in younger generation.

So, what all things have changed from ancient days?

Is it environment, lifestyle or is it because of heavy medication?

Experts say that number of health concerns can affect the condition of your hair. And environmental factors may be one of the factor which contribute more to hair falls. This factor often affect younger men and women.

An excess of free radicals from the hazardous environment causes damage to hair cells.

These radicals can be triggered from pollution, radiation, cigarette smoke and herbicides.

As per research free radicals have played a vital role in hair growth. In one of the studies biopsies of  healthy hair were put under two different conditions. To compare their growth in the lab.

And had observed that free radicals had hampered the tissues of hair so badly that it lost its growth and sustainability.

This study shows that beside hereditary hair loss, other common cause of hair loss is hazardous environment.

Some of the Environmental Causes of Hair Loss are


hair loss can occur due to sunshine


Yes, its true that vitamin D from sunshine supports hair growth, but harsh sun can seriously damage your hair.  If you have thinning hair then, you are even more prone to getting sunburned on your scalp. Any inflammation or damage to your scalp can potentially cause more thinning.

Excessive sun exposure is the most frequent cause of structural impairment of the hair shaft.

Your hair shaft is the part of your hair that sticks out of your skin from the hair follicle. Sunlight can degrade your hair proteins. The result is weaker and thin dull hair. The sun can also take moisture away from your hair.

All these factors tend to lose hair at faster pace.

We all know that we should protect our skin with sunscreen but to protect our hair from sun?

Here are a few things to keep your hair healthy:

  • Cover your hair and scalp with a hat or cap.
  • Avoid the sun from 10 am to 4 pm, when the rays are the strongest.
  • Use hair products with UV filters.
  • If you have thinning hair, then apply sunscreen to your scalp too.


environment is a common cause of hair loss


Pollution factors are also one of the important causes of hair loss. Because hair is often unprotected from sun, dust and pollution, it’s very susceptible to damage.  Dirt, dust, smog and harmful gases,  can cause scalp irritation, dryness, breakage and even premature baldness.

If you follow most beauty and style advice, you will put considerable amount of hair care product to your hair. Serums, sprays and lotions are so called beauty products but these products makes your hair more susceptible to attracting and collecting air pollution.

Some people are allergic to the dust, dirt and grime that makes it more vulnerable, causing damage to hair resulting in breakage and hair loss. Hair loss affects roughly more than 70% of the population around the globe and its prominent in the places where pollution is more predominant.

Specialists in the hair transplant industry have seen an increase in their services, specially in metropolitan cities  where air quality is worst and has a greater adverse effect on the body. Air pollution affects the hair just as much as it does the skin.

Pollution does not only put adverse effects on our interior health but also affect our hair and scalp very badly.

The reason behind this is, toxic content present in air enter into skin of scalp and damage the cells of hair that generate fiber. Toxic content present in air also gets inside our body and hinder the growth of hair.These problems get more serious in the city areas or area nearby to the industries.

The pollution from kitchen fire, smoking tobacco, chemical and common dust also are some of the causes of hair loss.


fungal infection causes hair loss

What is a yeast infection?

Small amount of yeast is always present on your Skin. And that doesn’t cause any any  sever problems.

But when too much of yeast grows, you may develop an infection.

It’s more likely to develop when a particular part of your body is moist and not exposed to a free flow of air and sun.

A yeast infection can develop anywhere on or inside your body. This includes your feet, fingernails, and scalp.

Candida is one of the most common types of fungus to cause infections of the skin and other organs.

Causes of  Scalp Yeast Infection

Candida thrives in warm and moist areas, but you can develop a scalp yeast infection even without these conditions. Sometimes because of some imbalance, skin can develop yeast. Some of those reasons are as given below:

  • medical conditions
  • unhealthy diet
  • stress
  • certain medications
  • harsh chemicals

Small cuts on your scalp may also provide entryway for the fungus to get inside and develop. All of these factors can create favorable conditions for Candida to grow.

Signs and Symptoms of yeast infection

If your scalp yeast infection lasts for a long time, you may accumulate a lot of flakes and dead skin. Frequently scratching or applying drying chemicals to the affected area can also damage hair follicles.

All these factors could lead to some hair loss. This is especially common in people who have hypothyroidism.

However, if you notice random circular patches that are completely bald, see your doctor. You may have an infection called ringworm of the scalp.

Treatment of yeast on scalp

Most scalp yeast infections can be treated with topical treatments. These come in the form of ointments, shampoos, or foams.

There are various other Causes of Hair Loss which could be sever and make you vulnerable.

Few of them are as given below!


2. Severe illness

3. Hormonal Issues

4. Pregnancy

5. Nutritional Deficiency




wear hat to protect hair from damage


Usually we were hats on Holidays!! But if needed this could be another excuse to wear a hat.

Hats are not just for fashion symbol, they actually can serve a purpose too. Covering your hair and scalp is a good way to protect it from any airborne particles from dust that could be toxic and harmful.  It’s also helpful in shading your hair, eyes and face from the sun’s harmful UV rays.


Hydrate Your Self

Hydrate yourself to protect hair loss and hair breakage

Staying hydrated is good for your hair, your skin and all other aspect of your health. Pollution and other environmental factors can dry out your skin,  hair and scalp, but thankfully there are plenty of moisturizing regiments to counteract this. For example hydrating Masks.


deep condition to protect hair loss


Deep conditioners are used to repair damaged hair. Start a deep conditioning routine weekly. Over-styling your hair with color and heat in addition to the effects of pollution and the environment can worsen your hair thinning, so its better to avoid all such products.


Fortunately, many of these environmental factors only result in temporary hair loss or are otherwise easily treated. If you are concerned that you might be experiencing increased hair loss, you can visit  Nubello Clinic for a complete diagnosis to know exact reason for hair loss. Our certified dermatologist has more than two decades of experience treating hair loss. They will carefully evaluate your case to determine its underlying causes so that we can find the best treatment for you.

Contact Nubello Clinic for Women’s and Men’s Hair Loss to schedule a consultation.





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