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Hair Restoration with Body Hair Transplant

What is Hair Restoration?

People want good health and many don’t worry about beauty and hair. Taking hair for granted and many realize the importance of hair after losing complete hair.  Hair restoration also known as hair transplant is a procedure that gives you confidence with a head full of hair. There are many hair transplantations, like FUT hair transplant and FUE hair transplant. All these procedures work on utilizing hair from other parts especially from the head, where hair growth is good, and this extracted hair and fabricated on the bald scalp. Nubello Aesthetic is one of the top hair clinics providing the best and successful body hair transplant in Mumbai.

What is a Body Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant is done by taking hair from the head. The donor area is mostly the head, region which has hair growth. The backside of the head or the side of the head is the common donor area. Doctors do not advise hair transplant using body hair, here are the medical justification of why body hair transplant procedure is used.

  • When hair is so thin in the head, and hence it is not considered as a donor anymore.
  • For final completion in the field of beard, mustache, and eyebrows hair transplant procedures.
  • To mend the scars in the scalp, usually, appear after a hair transplant procedure.

Body Hair Transplant Process:

Patients who suffer thin hair in their donor areas in the scalp, go for body hair transplant. Hair follicles from other body parts like beard, chest, back, and legs of the patient are used in this hair transplant. In the standard hair transplant treatments, hair grafts are extracted from the patient’s back head, which usually has a higher hair density. In this hair transplant using body hair, doctors extract hair grafts from other parts of the body such as chest and beard. Hair grafts from these donor areas are extracted directly using local anesthesia with a small tool that is between 0.75ml and 1ml thicker. A circular incision is made on the skin surrounding the graft and the graft is directly pulled from its position and thus planted on the receiving area along with the preserving solutions.

Disadvantages of Body Hair Transplant

Hair from the scalp and from other body parts are very different in terms of hair thickness, structure, and color. The patient should be clear with the hair transplant procedure. The listing below the main difference

  • The difference in structure between scalp hair and body hair.
  • The process of removing body hair.
  • The incompatibility between scalp hair and body hair.
  • Hair death in two or three years after the procedure.

The structure of hair in the scalp is more coherent than body hair. In order to have a successful hair transplant, more hair has to be transplanted than the necessary hair. Hair compatibility is also to be considered.

The removing body hair is the most painful and patients worry about the scar from the body hair extraction. There will be stitches and scars, but fortunately, these will be healed in a few weeks.


Doctors do not recommend body hair transplant procedures as long as there isn’t an urgent for it. Doctors try to get grafts from the head with donor area on the back or two sides of the head. In case there is no donor area option because of hair thinning and it is urgent and medical conditions support hair transplantation from body hair, then doctors use body hair transplant.

In case you have less hair on the head, and you are looking for hair transplant, visit Nubello Aesthetics for a free consultation today on body hair transplant.

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