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Are you the right person for FUT Hair Transplant?

If you are suffering from hair loss, and the condition has gone past repair and treatment, then you must think of hair transplant! Now when does a person go for a hair transplant? When you start balding and your scalp is visible! There are many hair transplant treatments and we are here to enlighten you with FUT hair transplant treatment.

Criteria for FUT hair transplant

So what happens in FUT hair transplant?

The Follicular Unit Transplant procedure involves the extraction of follicular units – a group of 1 to 4 hairs. This extraction occurs in a strip, thus this is also called a strip transplant. The hair extraction occurs usually from the back of the head. Once the section of the hair follicle is extracted from the scalp, individual hair grafts are removed. The focus during any form of follicle transfer is harvesting quality roots to help ensure a successful graft. Nubello provides the best FUT hair transplant treatment in Mumbai. To understand in detail about the FUT hair transplant procedure, visit – hair restoration with FUT hair transplant

Are you the right candidate for FUT hair transplant treatment?

  1. A series of the test is done. To check for androgenetic alopecia or another condition that are manageable to hair transplantation.
  2. Sufficient hair loss, ie. balding, visibility of scalp, such state that affects aesthetic appearance.
  3. Adequate donor hair for the transplant procedure.

For most patients, these basic guidelines will determine if the candidate is right for FUT hair transplant surgery. However, for young male patients, the criteria are different.

A FUT hair transplant is not advised in patients younger than 25 for five main reasons:

  1. It is difficult for a physician to determine if the donor area of a young person will be stable over time.
  2. The earlier the hair loss begins, the more likely the baldness will become extensive and perhaps too extensive to make a hair transplant worth.
  3. A younger person may not know how he may want to wear his hair in the future and any hair transplant (FUT or FUE) can produce donor scarring that may preclude that patient from wearing his hair very short.

Why should you go for FUT Hair Transplant Treatment?

As you know, there are many hair transplant treatment, but what are the advantages of going for FUT? One of the advantages of FUT over FUE is that large numbers of follicle units can be transplanted in one session. The FUT method also allows for super sessions, where up to 5,000 follicle units are transferred in one session. For patients who need to transplant a large number of follicles, these super sessions provide a great convenience, and are often the most economical option!

Why Nubello Aesthetics?

FUT is very effective and relatively cheaper to other hair transplant procedures. But the main concerns with the patients is they do want the scar after the procedure. At Nubello, our surgeons take great care in minimizing the scar, and you can be assured that others will not be able to see the scar! By using an advanced technique while closing the stripped area, the hair can grow directly through the scar, and thus covering it. In addition, the strip section is usually small, which gets covered by existing hair, hence patients need not worry about signs of their procedure.

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