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7 Secrets for Healthy Hair – Hair Care Tips

Dry, short, brittle, dull, split ends and what not! Each one of us has different textures, hair thickness, density, and type. And each one of us has different sets of hair problems. Gone are the days, when our mothers and grandmothers used to spend hours caring and loving their hair, nurturing it. These days, girls hardly have time to do anything good to hair, instead of harm it more, making the hair vulnerable. Sorry for being blunt. But that’s the fact! Once you find your hair losing its beauty, the density going off, you look for hair care treatment! And that’s how you landed here ūüôā Not wasting your time anymore, let us look the top 7 secrets for healthy hair.¬†

Hair Care Tips – 7 Secrets for Healthy Hair:

A healthy diet, extra nourishment, protection from dust and pollution all play a key role in maintaining good hair. Here are the various ways through healthy diet and hair care tips for maintaining healthy hair. 

1. Add Protein and Vitamins in your Diet

For hair growth and thickness, you need protein. Hair is made up of protein, so it is important to have a protein-rich diet daily. Have a balanced diet with protein such as fish, meat, eggs, and low-fat dairy products. Less protein leads to brittle hair. One of the top-secret for healthy hair is a healthy diet. Along with protein, zinc, vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids are very important for hair. Good sources of hair food are citric fruits, rich in vitamin C, iron-rich food like spinach, and avocados. Vitamin A, B, C, D, and E will help boost collagen production, resulting in stronger strands.

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2. Use the right Shampoo and Conditioner

Understanding your hair, if it dry, oily, or what? Using the wrong shampoo adds to the hair damage. Choose the right shampoo after knowing your hair. In the case of having dandruff, choose products to solve it. Too much of chemicals and wrong ones will harm your hair more. Try to avoid shampoos with harsh ingredients, such as ammonia. Along with shampooing, conditioners are important to keep your hair soft, shiny, and easily manageable. 

3. Hair Maintenance Tips

Correcting the basics like – washing, brushing and drying can help in maintaining healthy hair. How frequently do you wash your hair? wash weekly thrice. 3 times is sufficient to keep your scalp clean and not over-shampooing. Avoid using very hot or very cold water. Warm or just the normal water is good for washing. Don’t brush your hair when it is wet. It is highly advisable to comb your hair when it is dry, especially before going for hair wash. untangle your hair when it is dry. Wet hair is 3 times more vulnerable to breakage. Avoid blow-drying your hair. Let it dry on its own. Do not rub towel or comb wet hair.¬†

4. Trimming and Cutting

It is advisable to trim your hair once every 2-3 months to avoid split ends. Cutting and trimming hair from ends, ensure that hair grows. Split ends don’t allow hair to grow. One of the basic secrets for healthy hair is to keep trimming every now and then!

5. Hair Styling

If you want to colour your hair, try using natural colouring types like henna, or ammonia-free dyes. For curling and straightening, use professional tools. Do not over apply heat regularly on your hair. Styling is good, but at what cost? Next point is never to stick to one hairstyle, keep changing, in that way, hair loss will not occur due to a particular hairstyle. 

6. Nurturing your hair with the Hair Mask

On Sundays, weekly once use a home remedy hair mask. Your scalp and both hairs need good nurturing. Invest time on Sundays for your hair. You can also look for professional hair mask and apply on weekends. For hydrations, smoothening, and nurturing, use hair masks on a regular basis if you style your hair regularly. 

7. Choose the right Oil

Oils are good for scalp and hair. Massaging your scalp with warm oils will improve blood circulation, rejuvenate your hair shafts and add strength to your hair. You can use normal oils like – coconut, olive, almond, and sesame. For extra nourishment, you can mix a few drops of essential oils and apply on hair at night before sleep. Next morning you can wash with shampoo. Applying oil on your hair will strength it from the root.

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Your hair needs love, attention, time and care. Neglecting the hair will make is dull and undernourished. And being harsh to your hair will only make it brittle, and increase hair fall. Follow these 7 tips and secrets for healthy hair, and we hope you find a solution to your problems. In case you are looking for any kind of hair treatment in Mumbai, do visit Nubello Aesthetics or Call us Today @ 09324507495 for a FREE Consultation!

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