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5 ways to hide baldness in men!

There are many out there losing hair, getting bald. This can be disturbing and people keep looking for solutions to cover balding. When hair starts thinning and you are getting bald spots, it is important you talk to a dermatologist and get the hair fall controlled and look for ways to improve the hair growth process. While you go through hair loss treatments, you can cover up your baldness by changing hairstyle, using hair products and going through scalp micropigmentation. This article provides you with 5 ways to hide baldness for men.

Hiding baldness in Men – 5 Tricks

1. Change your hairstyle

Find a good hairstylist and get the right hair cut. This will make hair look thicker and cover the bald spots. Barbers are good for general haircuts, but when you are balding, a hairstylist will help you better. Shorter hair provides more volume so that your scalp does not show through. A well-groomed beard will also distract the attention of balding. Short hair or shaved head along with short and groomed beard will give you a great look and hide baldness.

2. Shaving

When you do not want to go for a hairstyle change, then go for shaving. Complete shaving off is stylish, covers balding and thining completely. This is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to hide baldness. The plus point is people will not know if you shave your head because you like it or because you are losing your hair. Cut hair short with an electric razor. Use a razor blade, apply shaving cream and shave off the scalp completely. Regular shaving is required else balding spots will be visible. Protect your head from the sun. Apply sunscreen on your head every day, wear a hat to protect your head from the sun. Shaved head along with facial hair growth looks cool.

3. Covering and colouring your head

Wearing a hat can hide baldness effectively. Hats are also very stylish and help in protecting your head from the sun. wearing a hat doesn’t suit all occasions. There are products in the market that blend scalp with hair by colouring the scalp. Mostly these are 2 types, powder and lotions. The powder blends well with the hair and gives fuller look. The lotions are to be applied on bald regions and when they dry they cover the bald spots. Both lotion and powder lose the effect to hide baldness when hair gets wet, and due to sweat. These colouring solutions may transfer onto your clothes too.

4. Wig

You have beautiful and varieties of wig these days in the market. Natural-looking and cost-effective, the wigs are a great option to cover baldness in men. Choose wigs or hairpiece which uses real hair. You can get a customized hair mesh glued properly on the scalp. Cleaning the hairpiece and wigs is an important part. Regular adjustments and reposition are required.

5. Tattooing or Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp micro pigmentation is a hair transplant process. Tattoo pigment – planting the hair follicles into the scalp. This creates the appearance of tiny hair follicles on the bald head. This restores the look of a fuller head of hair. The procedure replicates your natural hair follicles while strengthening and adding density to thinning areas. The scalp micropigmentation is one among the newest treatments for hair loss. Due to the increase in popularity, gradually the treatment is introduced to the general public. Tattooing head baldness approach is unique when compared to other types of hair loss treatments. This requires precision and accuracy.

While there are lots of ways to hide baldness in men. We would prefer you to visit a hair clinic and get the hair fall control. Finding the right cause for hair loss and using medications, hair loss treatments will help hair regrowth. Hair transplantation is also a long term permanent solution to balding. Nubello is one of the top clinics in Mumbai, providing the best hair loss treatment from the last 8 years.  Visit Nubello Aesthetics and get a free consultation today on hair loss treatments


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