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5 Causes of Hair Loss in Teenage Boys

Although hair loss and balding are common in older men, these days teenage boys are also experiencing hair loss. There may be many reasons behind the hair loss and we are here to tell you the top 5 causes of hair loss in teenage boys. Apart from mentioning the reasons, we are here to give you an understanding of the importance of hair loss treatment.

Top 5 Causes of Hair Loss in Teenage Boys

1. Minor Hair Loss

It is normal to lose 50-100 hair strands per day. Due to travel, a bad day under the sun, dust can cause hair loss of more than 100 hairs on these bad days. this might continue if not taken care.

2. Androgenetic alopecia

This is also called the male pattern baldness. The most common in men above 30, but due to hormonal changes, genes, males in their teens or early 20’s can start to see the early signs of balding, such as hair thinning, hairline broadening from temples or crown.

3. Hair Growth Interruption

If the body is under stress, or the boy has undergone surgery or is having a traumatic life this may cause excessive hair loss and interrupt the hair growth.

4. Health Problems

Certain health problems like alopecia, thyroid, dermatitis, psoriasis, lupus and pityriasis amiantacea can cause sudden hair loss. Diseases like alopecia cause attack on the immune system.

5. Diet and Chemicals

Hair dyes, heating the hair with straighteners can cause damage and lead to hair loss. Teens also have bad habits of skipping meals and eating junks. Lack of nutrients like iron, calcium and protein can lead to hair loss. Bad diet and harming the hair will only cause more hair to fall.

Hair Loss Treatments

Finding the cause:

  1. Talk to your hairstylist – It may be a dye, chemicals, styling that’s effecting your hair and leading to hair loss.
  2. Check for heredity – Genes and family history can also lead to hair loss.
  3. Hair pulling – being rough with your hair or unconsciously pulling hair can cause hair loss.
  4. Check for medical conditions – thyroid, lupus, and dandruff. Visit a dermatologist and check for medical conditions
  5. New medications – An allergy due to new medicines can also cause hair loss.

Going for Hair Care:

  1. Choose the right shampoo and hair products, that suits your hair.
  2. Maintain regular hair washing, weekly 2-3 times. Keep your hair clean.
  3. Protect your hair from heat, artificial colouring, and chemicals.
  4. Maintain a healthy diet, include protein-rich foods and vitamins.
  5. Go for natural hair masks once a week to keep your hair healthy.

Going for medical treatment:

Most of the causes of hair loss in teenage boys can be cured by rectifying the lifestyle, eating a proper diet and taking good care of hair. But in the case of genetical problems, health issues, it is better to visit a dermatologist and get tested to know the root cause of hair loss in teenage boys. Nubello Aesthetics is one such reputed hair clinic, providing the best hair loss treatment in Mumbai.

Many teenage boys won’t even recognize or realize that they are losing hair. Unless their mom or friends point out. Boys will be boys, self-observation is important. Looking at the changes in your body is very necessary. In case you have hair loss, and dont know where to go, then Visit Nubello Aesthetic and get a free consultation today onhair loss treatment.

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