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Need Motivation for Weight Loss? Here are Top 10 Points.

Let’s get started: Motivation for Weight Loss

These days, people don’t have time to eat the right food or do the right exercises. Everyone is living a hectic life. Monotonous and fast life, running behind money and building up their career and neglecting their health. No time to cook and eat street food and processed food. This has been the main reason for excess weight and is also leading to numerous health problems. This article is all about motivation for weight loss.

Junk Foods, Fried foods, Untimely Eating, Overeating, Excess Sleep, Stress and “NO” Physical Exercise.

Do you have these bad habits? These are the main reasons why almost every other person is having a BMI >= 25. Check your BMI and see if you also fall into the overweight category?

People go to the gym either to lose weight or to build up muscles. The younger generation should not focus only on bodybuilding but they should take note of what they consume daily into consideration and the goal should be overall fitness. Let us focus on starting a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a fit body.

Losing weight is not easy! It takes more than desire, it takes commitment and strong will power!

Here are 10 points to keep you motivated for Weight Loss Journey.

  1. Determination

    To lose weight, taking the first step to make the modification to your lifestyle is very difficult. Make a commitment to yourself. On a small piece of paper, note the amount of weight you want to lose, the date you’d like to lose the weight by like this “I’ll Lose 3kgs by 30th July” and sign it.

    Write about why you want to lose weight? family history of heart disease, or because you want to see your kids get married, or simply because you want to feel better in your clothes. Writing a note and seeing this goal will keep you motivated. Adding reasons will be a daily reminder to lose weight.

  2. Attainable Goals

    Having realistic weight loss goals in life is very important in motivation for weight loss. Saying 5kg in 1 week doesn’t make sense and it is next to impossible for a beginner. The idle goal should be 0.5-1kg per week. Keeping unattainable goals will only make you frustrated and you lose the motivation, instead become depressed. Look for SMART [Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-based] goals, such as these:

    • I will do yoga for 15 mins along with 15 mins walking 5 days/week.
    • 1 Fruit and salad 6 days per week.
    • Only 1 sweet/soda/cake per week.

    Set goals like these, small and achievable goals and feel satisfied with reaching them.

  3. Plan that fits your lifestyle

    Every weight loss plan may not suit you. Choose a plan that you can follow in the long term with short-term attainable goals. Cutting calories completely, or fasting will lead to weight gain in the future. For a long term and healthy lifestyle  chose a smart and custom plan like these:

    • Count your calories intake. Limit it to >=1200 cal per day.
    • Reduce snacks, fried foods, and sweets frequency.
    • Include fruits and vegetables.
    • Decrease your meal proportions.

    While there are hundreds of different diets, pick an eating plan that you can stick to long term and avoid extreme or diets and find motivation for weight loss

  4. Maintain Weight Loss and Food Journal

    Monitor your weight loss and track your journey. This will motivate to stay on track. Writing down everything you eat, drink and exercise in front of you will encourage you in healthy eating. Include meals, snacks, small chocolate, exercise timing in your journal. Everything from small to big note it down. Record your voice or emotions when you lost your focus and ate more. Journal will also help you cope up with your emotional moments and guide you to a healthy meal.

  5. Find Friend Support

    Most of the time, family and friends demoralize you. You need constant support and appreciations to stay motivated. Join social groups and find friends who are also working on weight loss. Find that buddy, work out with him/her encourage each other and support your partner in tough times. Celebrate with your friend. The same mentality will not only keep you motivated but take you to the next level when you start competing. Find that partner and friend and stick with them in your weight loss journey. One of the best point in motivation for weight loss

  6. Enjoy on Goal Completion

    Losing weight is a hard task, and reward yourself on every goal that you attain. Stay motivated and celebrate your success. Appreciate yourself and social media platforms are a great place to share your success and get appreciation.  Support and laurels will motivate your belief.

    Enjoy your success carefully. Reward yourself when you reach your goal but choose the right way. Do not reward yourself with food, instead go for a movie, purchase a new dress, go to the parlor and get a diamond facial. Celebrate all your successes throughout your weight loss journey. Consider rewarding yourself to further boost in motivation for weight loss.

  7. Love your body

    You are not perfect, but you are as beautiful as you are. Love yourself. Do not hate your body. Think positive, talk positive and feel positive. These small steps could encourage you.  You have not gained weight in a day. You will not lose in a day. Appreciate what your body can do, don’t stress and exercise.

    Do something for yourself, while you are on a weight loss journey, go for manicure or facial, add beauty and feel the confidence. Listen to your body. Never compare. Look into the mirror and admire yourself. Have a better body image, wear dresses that fit you, make you look beautiful. Look beautiful, feel beautiful.

    People with a positive attitude tend to achieve goals and lose weight. A right and positive attitude is a must in the weight loss journey.

  8. Enjoy your Workout

    Exercise and physical activities are very important along with the diet in your weight loss journey. Diet and Exercise are the two most vital parts. one without another doesn’t help in weight loss. Physical activities help you burn calories and keeps you in shape. When you enjoy, you workout more and your body responds wells. Find the best kind is an exercise you can enjoy and stick to it.

    There are many different types and ways to exercise. Understand what you like.

    • Workout at home or the gym?
    • Inside or in the fresh air?
    • Alone or with friends?
    • Listen to music while exercising, what kind of music?

    Working out is all about feeling good. Find your exercise and make it a routine. Start enjoying your workout.

  9. Find a Role Model

    Looking up to someone is a great way to stay motivated. But choosing the right model is important. Hanging a picture of a supermodel or actress will not motivate you. Find someone whom you can relate to. A friend or relative who lost weight could be inspirational. Check out blogs and Quora, find people who have gone through this weight loss journey and their success stories could help you.

  10. Take help from Professional

    When things don’t work, do not hesitate to reach out to nutritionists or dieticians. They can give you proper guidance and help you put in the correct effort. The right knowledge and identifying the problem can be diagnosed only by experts.  Don’t hesitate to consult professional help to aid your weight loss efforts when needed. People who understand their body metabolism and hormonal problems tend to put in the correct effort and lose weight soon.

    Find a registered dietitian who can teach you about certain foods or an exercise physiologist to teach you how to exercise properly. If you are still struggling to get motivated, consider finding a psychologist or dietitian who is trained in motivational interviewing, which has been proven to help people achieve their goals.

Benefits of Losing Weight.

We hope you find yourself motivated with these 10 points. Here are some benefits of losing weight. Staying fit and healthy is bliss and will keep you away from diseases.

  • In case you have diabetes, this will improve blood sugar and control it.
  • Reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • Decrease cholesterol levels.
  • Lower joint pains especially knee and back.

Find the motivation for weight loss, eat healthily, do exercise, live a quality of life and stay fit!


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